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A portable posture correcting device

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Adult, Teen, Child


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The Foundation



Makes every seat ergonomic

  • We designed a correctional device called The Foundation which is intelligently designed to make any seat ergonomic
  • It is engineered to set your hips at a perfect angle and take the load off of your spine and on to your core muscles
  • With 3 distinct layers and a 3 dimensional stretch covering, the Foundation maintains an all-day support while also providing optimal comfort
  • The Foundation.  It’s that simple.

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Adult, Teen, Child

13 reviews for The Foundation

  1. Richie Smyth

    I have two sizes, one for regular chairs when I’m working at my desk and the other for my car. The first time I used it I instantly felt my core engage. It has made such a difference to the quality of time i spend sitting. And sorted out all my issues with my lower back. It’s such a simple idea, in one word – genius.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you Richie for you kind words. We, likewise, are big fans of your films!

  2. Mark Magennis

    My job involves sitting in front of a screen for long hours which has caused me to have shoulder, back, hip and knee pain, which only seemed to get worse over time. I have tried various chairs, a ball and standing desk with some success but this simple device has given me the most relief. The moment I tried it, the new body position just felt right and this awareness means that if I fall back into a poor position then I feel uncomfortable and correct it. My aches and pains are gradually disappearing and this device has been a key part of the solution.

  3. Niamh Gleeson

    Absolutely loving my foundation. I find it particularly useful for long car journeys. Gone are the days of dreading the drive for family day trips or journeys down the country. Its been a life saver for me or to be more exact a back saver!!

    • The Spinery

      Thanks Niamh for you kind words!

  4. Patrick

    I have been a long time sufferer with lower back pain and sciatica (I have a pro-lapsed / herniated disc at L5 S1) and my posture and lots of time working at a desk seems to be one of the causes of the problem. This cushion brings put you in a posture naturally and is much more comfortable than it looks! I use it predominantly while driving because, particularly long drives, caused me significant grief previously, but this has now been much improved! Very lightweight and easy to move around so it can be used anywhere with ease. One caution I would give is that, if you intend to use in your car, make sure and check your car seat clearance before purchasing, or try one out if you can (particularly if you’re about 5 foot 9 or above or if your car has a low ceiling). I have my car seat adjusted down to the floor and with the cushion in place I just about have enough clearance for my head while driving (so just make sure you have enough clearance). But otherwise, highly recommended!

  5. James B

    I received the foundation three weeks ago. I use it in my office all the time and feel it makes a big difference to my work station posture. I also like the fact that it comfortable, neat and easy to carry with me to meetings within the company. The color also makes it discreet and blends in very well.

  6. John H

    I love my new foundation. I think I would have stayed a sceptic if I hadn’t experienced the shift in the spinery offices for myself. Straight away my posture was so much better and everything just felt stronger and more engaged. Now I have one in work, one at home and my daughter takes hers to school with her. I’ll continue to recommend the spinery to friends and family and anyone else who will listen! Great people too.

  7. Nicole

    I really like my new foundation. I use it on my office chair, I am tall, so I need to lower the seat to have my height aligned to the computer screen.
    I would recommend it, it helps my posture.

  8. Tony

    The ‘foundation’ is great. I use it in the car most of the time and also transfer it to my office chair. The new sitting position feels much stronger and powerful. My back too feels stronger. I highly recommend the foundation whether you are looking to ease your back pain or prevent it through correct posture. Must get another one.

  9. Ted H

    Foundation is at my desk and now part of the furniture. Makes a long day at desk more enjoyable.

  10. clifford Lebioda

    I have one for work. I’ve suffered from a sciatica problems, it really helps. . Gives me great support. Its very portable, great product…

  11. Cliff Lebioda

    I use this all the time in work. I have suffered from a sciatica problem. This has been a great help for me. Great product..

  12. Annick Doza

    I use the foundation on my office chair daily. It is of great support for my lower back. My posture improved after the second week for sure. The foundation works well along with my awareness. It serves as an excellent “foundation” to sit straight, breath and take breaks from the desktop. 🙂

  13. Jer Ryan

    I’ve been trialling “The Foundation” for a couple of months now and at first I found the correction to my posture a little akward, however , very quickly I felt the benefits. I have found that the postural change seems also to improve focus and attention to the task in hand on my screen as well as preventing me from sitting in bad posture for long periods. This is one of those products you don’t want to be without once you have one. Recommend hightly.

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