Rethinking Posture is a fundamental and explicit teaching in which primal movement patterns takes on a fresh novel meaning. In it, author Dr. Lawrence Woods, who brings over twenty years of experience in this field, crosses the lines between consciousness, re-patterning and health, providing clear strategies and a common language that speaks to anyone who may be concerned about posture and health. By using systematic logic and critical thinking of foundational developmental principles, Rethinking Posture challenges us to re-think old models of how to sit, move and exercise.

The discoveries, lessons and approaches you’ll learn—

  • When to apply corrective strategies to sit and move with ACE (Active Conscious Engagement)
  • How to view and measure movement quality while exercising
  • How to ascertain dysfunctional patterns
  • A return to movement principles can create a more comprehensive exercise and rehabilitation model
  • How children should sit and carry backpacks without causing long-term degeneration
  • How to map movement patterns and understand movement as a subconscious behaviour rather than a mechanical idea
  • A fresh new look at joint health and nutrition
  • How to analyse and correct your posture at home

Our modern day postural dysfunctions are here to stay due to the induction of smart phones, computers, and media gadgets which leads to mind body disconnection.  As a result, modern day diseases such as obesity, depression, heart problems, cancer and chronic pain on rising exponentially. Rethinking Posture analyses our sedentary lifestyles and our oblivious approaches to exercise. And more important, what we can do about it?


Here are some other solutions that we here at The Spinery offer

  • The Foundation – A portable posture correction device designed to exercise core muscles while sitting.
  • Reboot – Scientists say it is actually non-exercise movement, the mere change in posture every 15 minutes or so, is a major influence in avoiding these chronic problems. So, the solution is simple: REBOOT! We, at The Spinery, invented a fun reminder that makes you do just that.