Do you:

  • Ignores the world, your children, your friends and reality itself in favour of the pixelated flashes conveyed by your handheld gizmo?
  • A person who is constantly focused on his/her smartphone, and are oblivious to their surroundings and other people?
  • Sleep with your phone?
  • Forgot what the sky looks like?
  • Need to always look up something?
  • Ignore the people around us in favour of “socializing” with people who aren’t present?
  • Experience anxiety when they have no access to mobile technology?
  • Constantly prowls around with their phones, texting, tweeting, or putting their humdrum lives on social networking sites?
  • Experiencing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?
  • Do you find it hard to walk down the sidewalk or through a department store without bumping into someone?
  • Have a sagging jawbone as a result of perpetually looking down?

Unfortunately, smartphones are fast becoming a lifeline for most of us.  Cultural and technological trends possessing this type of impetus do not stop overnight. They seldom end except of their own volition, when users ‘wake up’.  All of us, though, can do our best to minimize exposure to the smartphone’s cultural dominance and break free.

-Lawrence Woods