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The Best Pillow For Reducing Wrinkles

Best Pillow For Reducing Wrinkles | A Complete Guide

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We all love our pillows but did you know sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause wrinkles and age your skin? One-third of our lives are spent with our heads on our pillows. Most people on their side, while this is great for your spinal alignment and health, it’s not great to avoid sleep wrinkles. 

Unfortunately, turning over to sleeping on your stomach isn’t great either since they can cause different problems such as snoring or, for stomach sleepers, enormous stress on your face skin. The wrinkles you get from your pillows at night is known as sleep wrinkles. Getting the right pillow that promotes side sleeping while also protecting your face from pressure is the solution to sleep wrinkles.


What Are Sleep Wrinkles and Are They Different Than Regular Wrinkles?

Believe it or not, there are two types of wrinkles. Even though all wrinkles cause your skin to age, they do not age you the same way. If you want to find a pillow that won’t affect your skin, it’s essential to understand what causes different types of wrinkles.


best pillow for wrinkles

Expression wrinkles 

Ageing, smoking, muscular contractions and sun exposure contribute to the appearance of expression wrinkles.  These lines mostly appear between the eyebrows (frown lines), on the forehead (forehead lines), or at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). Expression wrinkles are, more often than not, are horizontal rather than vertical.

Sleep wrinkles  

Sleep wrinkles form in response to the distortion created when the face is pressed against any sleep surface. They tend to worsen over time due to repetition combined with thinning of the skin and decreased elasticity as we age.” – Dr Goesel Anson Lead (Lead author of the study: Facial Aging and Facial Distortion During Sleep ).

This type of wrinkle is usually more vertical than expression lines and near the sides of your face. If you don’t take steps to prevent sleep wrinkles, they can become permanent.


Do Pillows Cause Wrinkles?

The average head of a person weighs around 5kg. Over 8 hours, the weight of your head stresses and creases your skin. When people are young, these sleep wrinkles disappear soon after waking up. As you age, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and loses its collagen. This means sleep wrinkles become deeper, more permanent and more noticeable.

The best way to prevent night wrinkles is to use a pillow designed to prevent them. Sleeping well and looking younger: that’s what good skin is all about.

Here are the three forces that work every night, causing sleep lines on your face in the morning

  1. Shear forces causes tissue shift to occur. This is when your skin and the friction against the pillow displaces facial muscles.
  2. Tension is the upward pressure of your pillow from the weight of your head. 
  3. Compression is caused by the weight of your head pressing your skin against your pillow.

If you sleep on a regular pillow, you can see how easy it is to get sleep wrinkles. They are difficult to remove and can become permanent if you sleep on a standard pillow.


What Is the Best Pillow for Reducing Wrinkles?

The best pillow to prevent sleep wrinkles are pillows that support your head and neck for spinal alignment while not placing too much pressure on your skin or face. This means that your pillow should have a cutout that leaves plenty of room for your face while still properly supporting your head and neck.


best pillow for wrinkles

Having a face contour inside your pillow relieves pressure from your sensitive skin and prevents getting sleep wrinkles. Having the head support where your hair begins means avoiding wrinkles on the visible part of your face. Plenty of neck and head support means that you sleep comfortably and in alignment.


How Should I Sleep to Prevent Wrinkles on My Face?

Back Sleeping and Wrinkles

While it might be tempting to decide to sleep on your back to avoid getting wrinkles from your pillow, back sleeping also comes with some disadvantages that you should consider first.[

  • Lower Back Pain. Some people find sleeping on their backs can exacerbate back pain. Even though your shoulders, neck and back are aligned, your lower spine is likely to sink, which causes it to ache.
  • Sleep apnea. Sleeping on your back can aggravate sleep apnea and snoring. The position can cause your chin to thrust forward and obstruct your breathing. If you sleep on your back and have breathing problems, make sure you fall asleep with your chin pointed up.
  • Disruption of sleep. Sleeping on your back is not comfortable for most people. If your doctor has explicitly instructed you to sleep only on your back, you can consider using a combination of back and side sleeping if you need to. Ultimately, getting enough good quality sleep is the most important thing.

For these reasons, we generally avoid recommending back sleeping. While it may reduce stress and tension on your skin, in general, the risks and the reduction in sleep quality are often not worth it.

Side Sleeping For Wrinkles

woman lying sideways on a pillow designed for reducing wrinkles

When people sleep on their sides and stomach, this causes facial distortion leading to the development of sleep wrinkles over time. However, it also the best sleeping style for spinal alignment, back pain and health. This makes avoiding sleep wrinkles more complicated since side sleeping is optimal for great sleep. 

When we designed our Spinery pillow, this was one of our primary focuses. Our team of chiropractors and doctors found that by using supportive and soft latex foam and including a face contour with excellent neck and head support, people could avoid developing face wrinkles.

Stomach Sleeping For Wrinkles

Stomach sleeping is both the worst position for spinal alignment and preventing wrinkles. This is because when you sleep on your stomach, your face has the most pressure placed upon it of any sleeping position. If you are in the habit of stomach sleeping, we have an article about everything you need to know to change your sleeping position.


Can They be Reversed?


Woman's face before and after using a pillow for sleep wrinkels

There has been evidence that sleep wrinkles can be treated by fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. But this is only a temporary solution. When you sleep with your face resting against a regular pillow, you can expect wrinkles to reappear. It’s possible to develop permanent lines if you sleep with your face in a pillow every night. By sleeping on a pillow with a face contour, you can limit the contact between the face and the pillow. As a result, it reduces the formation of sleep wrinkles. 


Best Pillowcase for Reducing Wrinkles

When you are looking for a case that has a smooth surface. This reduces friction with the skin during sleep, which stops “sleep creasing”, a mark you might see on your face after sleeping for hours. Preventing lifetime wrinkles by choosing fabrics that don’t pull on the skin helps to prevent morning wrinkles. It’s also healthier for the skin to sleep on pillowcases made with softer materials since they’re less abrasive. 

Here are a few fabrics types that might work for you.

Tencel Pillowcase 

Tencel is softer than silk, cooler than cotton and 10x better for the environment than cotton. While they can be challenging to find and are a premium fabric, Tencel is one of the best pillowcases fabrics you can purchase. Additionally, as fewer chemicals are used to produce it, that has a beneficial effect on your skin. We use Tencel as the case for our pillows because of all its great features.

Silk Pillowcase 

Copper Oxide Infused Pillowcase 


How Do You Sleep on Your Side Without Getting Them?

Best Pillow For Reducing Wrinkles

As we have mentioned before, side sleeping is the optimal sleeping position for most people. While it is excellent for your health and sleep quality, it’s not good for avoiding wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles while side sleeping should look for a pillow with a face contour to reduce stress and tension on your face. These pillows will be made from foam as they can be easily moulded into specific shapes for different needs. If you find a pillow that suits your needs, make sure that it has extra neck and head support since you will lose some of the support a regular pillow provides when you remove the support the face used to receive.


Can Botox Injections Reduce Sleep Wrinkles

Botox™ works by blocking the signal to the nerves in your facial muscles. By doing this, the muscles stop responding and relaxed. Botox may reduce expression wrinkles caused by natural facial muscle movement with a muscle relaxing treatment such as Botox. Unfortunately, wrinkles caused by the pressure between your face and your pillow is not caused by muscles contractions. This means that Botox-treatments are ineffective for treating the wrinkles you get from sleeping.


Getting Great Skin While Getting Amazing Sleep.


We understand how important it is for our confidence to have youthful and wrinkle-free skin. At The Spinery, we believe in taking care of our skin from strain and stress because if you look young, you feel young. The problem is traditional pillows don’t provide the level of relief face skin needs. Standard pillows put too much pressure on your face, which can leave it wrinkled. We believe everyone can improve their facial skin to look radiant and refreshed when they get up in the morning.

It can be challenging to find the right pillow that provides a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. That’s why we designed The Spinery pillow that makes your sleep relaxing and rejuvenating because it provides relief for your skin and face.

Our pillow was designed in Ireland by a Chiropractor and Molecular Biologist (PhD) from DCU to be both great for your skin and spinal alignment and made from 100% plant-based materials. The Spinery Pillow’s expert design is patented and unique and was created with reducing wrinkles in mind.

Here’s how it works:

  • 100% Natural Foam Foam 
    • Superior head and spinal support.
    • All-natural and eco-friendly

Learn more: Why Natural Latex Is the Best Pillow Material

  • The patented design for preventing ageing and wrinkling
    • A Chiropractor designed them to reduce wrinkles and promote restful sleep.
    • Materials sourced by a Molecular Biologist to be chemical-free to protect your skin.

With The Spinery pillow, you can stop sleep wrinkles and start getting quality, rejuvenating sleep.

Wake up refreshed, young and excited every morning for the day ahead.

Enjoy waking up feeling confident, looking beautiful, feeling energetic, feeling healthy, living a healthy, happy life.

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I have a Chiropractic Degree from Life Chiropractic College West and I am NBCE Physiotherapy certified.


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