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Coolest Mattress Type & 9 Tips to Cool Your Bed | Guide (2021)

Complete Guide To Sleeping CoolThere is possibly nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep because your bed is too hot. At first, our bodies start cool but begin to warm up under the sheets, and we arrive at just the right temperature just in time to go to...

Synthetic Polyurethane Mattress vs Natural Latex Mattress

POLYURETHANE MATTRESS vs NATURAL LATEX MATTRESS Which is more suitable for you, a natural latex mattress or a polyurethane or a memory foam mattress? This question is fundamental for anyone thinking of buying a mattress. I will pull back the curtain for you and...

1 Horrifying Reason Why Your Mattress Smells | Mattress Off-Gassing

You might like that smell from a new car. However, a new mattress odour you might like as much. In both cases, the odour comes from a process called ‘off-gassing’ which is a term used to describe when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leak out of materials or foams...

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