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Childrens Health Articles

It’s Lack of Movement Not Lack of Exercise Hurting Our Health.

                  Perhaps you recall your parents telling you to sit up straight and now you find yourself telling your children the same thing. “Straighten up!” or “Stop slouching” still echo through the halls of many...

Our children may soon become generation hunchback.

Generation Hunchback Are young people today becoming a Generation of hunchbacks? Some people say so. Tech is turning millennials into a generation of hunchbacks says 'The New York Post'  Studies are showing that many young people are in danger of getting terrible...

Children’s Spines and Media Gadgets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“As the twig is bent, so is the tree,” –B.J. Palmer It’s shocking to witness the marked increase in the number of children who have poor posture today. This is likely related to our youth’s over reliance on technology, which has made...

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