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Getting out of Chronic Pain with Good Posture


Where to Start With Chronic Pain From Poor Posture?


The good news is that most of you have the capacity to get yourself out of chronic pain and attain a more vibrant and youthful body than you ever imagined possible.

However, it requires relearning appropriate movement patterns to get rid of deeply entrenched posture habits.


What Is Perfect Posture?


Posture is somewhat literally how you balance your body. There are countless arrangements of possible joint configurations that result in a body balancing itself. But relax, no one has ‘perfect’ posture.

The objective for robust posture is to strive towards the best possible biomechanical orientation of the body.

This is where all the muscles and joints are ideally aligned. This is so they function as well as possible while coherently stressing the foundation muscles and not the joints or discs. In other words, the power of your posture is how well you know and control where your body is in space.

Most of us would agree that the majority of people live in their heads. Be it driving your children to school, at work, squeezing in grocery shopping, never mind the elephant in the room (media).

For example, many people spend hours on their. This has got to be the biggest reason why our bodies are losing consciousness.

The only time that we may actually try to connect with the body is the few hours a week when we may go to a gym, exercise class, guru, etc.


So What Can We Do Our Posture?


What if we turned all of this chronic pain around? What if you used your imagination to make every movement an active and conscious engagement (what I like to call, ‘ACE’). Conscious posture an intuitive understanding where the specific place for your body to be bio-mechanically strong.

Posture is ‘the window to the spine’. This means if your posture is out of alignment,  your spine is most likely out of alignment. For example, when seated properly, you should feel your stomach muscles engaged (as well as every foundation muscle).

With perfect posture, your head, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are all aligned. When you’re standing, and walking, and moving, no matter how you’re using your body, it’s the foundational muscles engagement.

This is coupling up and down the kinetic chain that reduces injury, chronic pain and maximizes performance. Eventually, you should no longer need to be doing any of the techniques, because, as the gurus say, ‘you are.’

If you’re old enough to remember the film ‘The Karate Kid,’ there was this young boy who was put through a series of exercises, but he didn’t know why. Ultimately, this character found out that, if you pursue master ship, there is nothing left to learn.

By adopting this philosophy, you will logically move to higher ground and these patterns will become primal.


Some Other Solutions


  • We have a number of potential solutions that are specially designed to deal with the symptoms of this problem.
    • The Foundation – A portable posture correction device designed to exercise core muscles while sitting.
    • Reboot – Scientists say it is actually a non-exercise movement, the mere change in posture every 15 minutes or so, is a major influence in avoiding these chronic problems. So, the solution is simple: REBOOT! We, at The Spinery, invented a fun reminder that makes you do just that.
    • The Fitzwilliam – The Fitzwilliam Natural Latex Mattress Ergonomically and orthopedically designed in Dublin, Ireland to give you amazing support and a great nights sleep.
    • The Dream Pillow – “Not your grandfather’s pillow. The most innovative and comfortable pillow we’ve ever seen”
      • With its incredibly supportive and unique shape, there are simply no other pillows with this level of design, innovation, and craftsmanship. We tried to make the pillow out there to get a great night’s sleep.
    • Our book – Rethinking Posture in the Modern World
      • Outlines a simple guide to analyze posture and correct it.  Good posture should be equal with brushing your teeth.
      • Explains how to adapt more primal movement patterns to strengthen and correct posture.
      • Encourages the use of ACE (Active Conscious Engagement) with easy-to-follow strategies while sitting, standing and exercising. This is by actively transferring the stress off your spine, discs, and joints to your core muscles so that you will be ‘exercising’ all day.

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