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1 Horrifying Reason Why Your Mattress Smells | Mattress Off-Gassing

scientist working with Volatile organic compounds
You might like that smell from a new car. However, a new mattress odour you might like as much.

In both cases, the odour comes from a process called ‘off-gassing’ which is a term used to describe when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) leak out of materials or foams and into your breathing air.

Common VOCs include fumes from formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), perfluorocarbons, trichloroethane, toluene, and benzenes.




Do Mattresses Off Gas?

Most memory or polyurethane foams do some degree of off-gassing.

The big question is how much, and for how long inside the bedroom of your home?

Natural latex foams is made from tree sap and typically free of toxic chemicals. 



Health risks of mattress off-gassing.


When it comes to VOCs in your house, the consequence of inside air pollution can be cumulative.

The paint on your walls, your furniture, carpet, laminated flooring, or bedroom and kitchen cabinets are all possible sources.

The larger your exposure, the stronger your possibility of experiencing symptoms.

According to research, breathing in low levels of VOCs over the time-span of several years can increase the risks of cancer, liver and kidney, and central nervous system problems.

The real risk depends on the sort of toxins and your level of exposure. So, it makes sense to deduce that reducing your VOC exposure from the start can only aid in lessening the possibility of long-term issues.




How Do I Avoid Getting a Mattress That Off-Gasses?


Buying a natural latex mattress is one way to avoid off-gassing, possibly.

Since natural latex mattress is a plant-based material, you never have to lose sleep about annoying off-gassing odors.


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