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Which of the 3 Mattress Types Is Highly Effective for Pressure Points?

Which of the 3 Mattress Types Is Highly Effective for Pressure Points?

What are Pressure Points?


Pressure points are the points on the body that bears the most weight and pressure when lying down. 

They are most commonly found on the shoulders, hips, and knee areas. 

A mattress that provides the right balance of softness and support is essential in these key areas. 



Finding a mattress without pressure points.


For example, If your mattress is too supportive/firm, it can cause pressure points, pain even leads to improper sleeping alignment. 

If your mattress is too soft/not supportive enough, the common pressure points cannot be adequately supported, and again, this can cause improper alignment and tension. 

For these reasons, the quality of your sleep needs to find a mattress that keeps your entire body aligned and that offers just enough support and resilience to keep the pressure points adequately alleviated.



Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress for Pressure Points


Traditional spring mattresses are both the most common mattress on the market and the cheapest. However, innerspring mattresses tend to perform comparatively poorly compared to other mattress types. 

Here’s why springs push back against your body, with an equal force that your body weight is applying to the coils. This makes proper support unachievable. 

Additionally, spring mattresses can lack support because your body does not push down evenly.



Polyurethane & Memory Foam


Both memory foam and polyurethane foams provide much better support when compared to spring mattresses.

In theory, memory foam mattresses conform perfectly to the shape of your body, reducing pressure points.

Memory foam works by softening in response to both heat and pressure. This helps prevent the build-up of pressure points. 

However, as many of you are probably familiar with, memory foam tends to bottom out as it gets too hot, giving you a sensation of feeling stuck. Additionally, memory foam tends to trap heat. 

In addition to the heat being uncomfortable, a memory foam mattress will require you to move through the night to reduce pressure points and maintain proper support.

Many find it hard to move on memory foam when it gets too hot.




Natural Latex Mattress for Pressure points.


A natural latex mattress takes all the advantages of memory foam while avoiding many of the pitfalls.

Instead of needing heat to let every part of your body sink as much as it needs, latex foams do this naturally.

By its nature, natural latex is resilient. This means latex springs back when pressure is applied in response to your body.

Latex mattresses (particularly ones made from 100% natural latex) provides better pressure point relief than other foam mattresses, without the same tendency to sleep hot. 



A pressure-relieving mattress for Ireland.


Pressure points are frustrating, and they’re not something you should ever accept.

There are plenty of options out there that can quickly help relieve the pain that comes with sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress.

As a chiropractor, when we designed our Fitzwilliam Mattress relief from pressure points, support, spinal alignment and most importantly, comfort was our most significant considerations. 



About Dr Lawrence Woods

My goal is to create the highest quality mattresses and pillows for unmatched comfort.

With 30 years of spinal healthcare experience, I learned that many peoples problems are avoidable with expert design.



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