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Why Body Support Is Vital For Your Mattress.

Why Body Support Is Vital For Your Mattress.


What Does Body Support Mean?

Body support during sleep is necessary for sufficient sleep and spinal alignment.

If you want to guarantee decent body support, it is essential to have a mattress that holds your body in alignment.

Sleep is the crucial time for your body to recover and regenerate, so it is necessary to assure your mattress is right for your body type.

The flexibility of the mattress plays a vital role in guaranteeing optimal body support.


Body Support Relaxes The Spine

The spine plays an indispensable role as you lay down.

A good spine assures an erect posture and great movement.

For the spine to maintain its natural shape, it should make a ‘S’ curvature. The intervertebral discs (IVD), which connect between two spinal bones (vertebrae), typically refills with fluid, oxygen and nutrients when you sleep.

This fluid, oxygen, and nutrients escape during the day by continuous stress.

In order to cushion stresses and impacts during the day, this process is fundamental and requires the best possible support of the body when you sleep.

Yet, if the best relief is not allowed at night, it can lead to the breakdown of the spine.

For example, this can lead to chronic damage such as pain, muscle tension and poor posture. 


Why is Body Support Important?

So it is imperative that the mattress has proper pressure relief, despite your sleeping position.

The blend of chosen materials from the Fitzwilliam mattresses allows for perfect adaptability.

This blend makes the choice of our level of hardness of the mattress important.

No matter what the weight of your body weight is, the interplay of the combination of our base, corrective, and supportive layers keeps your weight evenly distributed.


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How to Support the Body in different sleeping positions

  • Side positionSleeping on the side is usually best to relieve the back. One must take into consideration getting a decent pillow to support the neck and shoulders. Otherwise, there may be too much pressure due to the bending between the head and shoulder, which can ultimately lead to neck or shoulder pain. 


  • Back: You need to make sure that the neck is supported very well. Sinking into a bad pillow or lying with your head too high may cause pain in the neck and shoulder. 


  • Sleeping on Stomach: This position is not recommended for proper spinal alignment and optimal recovery.



Fitzwilliam Mattress and body support

Fitzwilliam Mattress is designed to give the right amount of body support thanks to its designed supportive, corrective, and comfort layers.

Our mattresses have a medium-firmness that can be adjusted by simply turning the mattress over if you desire a firmer preference. 

Our novel design features that give you evenly distributed support to keep your spine in optimal alignment.

Better alignment = Wake up energized and fully recharged.

The Spinery‘s natural latex provides unparalleled support and has a large stretch ratio, incredible resiliency, and maximized surface area for ultimate comfort and fully recovered.

Our natural Latex has aerations to allow fresh air circulation — keeping you asleep and comfortable.

Body Support

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