Fitzwilliam Mattress – Irish Mattress

Designed by a Chiropractor & a Scientist

How We Made Our Fitzwilliam

Mattress So Comfortable


Super Comfortable

Natural Latex Mattresses scores highest in terms of pressure relief when compared to other foams**.


100% Natural Latex

Plant-Based means clean, healthy and comfortable sleep. 

One Double requires around 12 acre of tree sap. (No trees are harmed and last many decades).


Best Mattress For Bad a Back

Contour cuts for your shoulders and hips for deeper comfort and better alignment


Designed By a Chiropractor and Scientist

We used 50 years of experience and research to create a perfect pillow for comfort and great sleep without the chemicals.


Guilt Free

Sleep with peace in mind knowing that your new mattress is Natural, Eco-friendly and Sustainable for our planet.

How Our Fitzwilliam Mattress Is Designed

1. TENCEL® Cover

2. Wool

3. Comfort Layer

4.Corrective Layer

5. Support Layer

What Makes our Fitzwilliam Mattress So Comfortable?

There are a plethora of factors in getting a good night’s sleep which depends on a lot of different factors, and getting your mattress is right should be top of the list!

Our Fitzwilliam mattress was designed by a Chiropractor and DCU Scientist to be incredibly comfortable by supporting your body in a neutral position in which your spine is in proper alignment.

We feel that if the mattress is designed wrong, perhaps with springs, pocket springs, memory, polyurethane, or petroleum-based foams, it may push on pressure points and take you out of alignment and worse, it may be full of chemicals.

The wrong mattress can make you toss and turn, wake up stiff and sore, and you won’t get a restful night’s sleep. If you wake up and having some back pain and have to move or stretch and get rid of it, the chances are that your mattress is not suitable for you.

On the other hand, a correct mattress is one on which you feel no pressure points, almost like you’re suspended in animation.









How Our

The Spinery® Mattress

is Designed:

Our Fitzwilliam mattresses are made from natural plant materials and provide medium-firm bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed.

Most importantly, our Fitzwilliam mattresses provide comfort and support for a recharged and restful night’s sleep.

Here Were Our 4 Main Goals We When We Designed Our Fitzwilliam Mattress:

1. Alignment

The spine needs to be aligned – Believe it or not, great posture is essential when you sleep – proper alignment when sleeping allows your back muscles to relax and your cells to recover.

2. Proper Firmness

According to our research, a medium-firm mattress works best for comfort and back pain. Our mattress designs have firm layers on the bottom with softer comfortable layers on top for ultimate comfort.

Shows how the fitzwilliam natural latex mattress has multiple density's

3. Support zones

Many mattress designs don’t have special supports zones for your back, hips, or shoulders for support and comfort. We made sure our Spinery Mattress provides areas like the shoulders and hips with increased density to keep your spine in alignment and support the heavier parts of the body.

4. Natural materials

Mattress materials should be sourced from nature. Our wool comes from sheep; our all-natural latex is tapped from the Heava Tree sap; our Tencel fabric is sourced from trees. All of our methods make certain that we can offer you a luxury, sustainable and eco-friendly new mattress purchase.



Our Goal: For The Fitzwilliam mattress to be Ireland’s Most Comfortable Plant-Based Natural Eco-Friendly Mattress  


At The Spinery, it has been our goal to use only natural materials that also reduce our environmental impact as much as possible on our Fitzwilliam mattress. This is why our high-quality natural Fitzwilliam mattress is produced with sustainable raw materials. We take pride in the fact that our luxurious beds are both safe for you and the planet.

The Spinery provides eco-friendly Fitzwilliam mattresses that are free of harmful chemicals and have a lower carbon footprint. We have achieved this sourcing all of our materials directly from nature and using production methods that guarantee we can provide you with a high-quality, guilt-free new mattress purchase.




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