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 Enjoy a healthy night’s sleep with our hypoallergenic mattress


You deserve the best sleep of your life. Our hypoallergenic mattress is sure to give you that and more! You’ll be able relax knowing no reactions will happen while your in bed.

Sleep well with us – we’ve got all-natural materials designed for people who want their bedding free from any irritating chemicals.

woman and daughter sleeping on a hypoallergenic mattress in Ireland

Designed by an Irish Scientist to Keep you Comfortable


Designed by a PhD Scientist from DCU for comfortable clean sleep. Dr Sinead Moore was inspired to design a mattress when her son reacted to a memory foam mattress.

natural latex tree tapped with hypoallergenic sap dripping and being collected.

Made With Only High Quality Hypoallergenic Materials


The Spinery Mattress is crafted using the highest quality foams and fabrics. Our mattress is made from 100% natural and plant-based materials which means it’s safe for you and the environment.

natural latex tree tapped with sap dripping and being collected.

What Irish People Value in a Hypoallergenic Mattress

Plant-based & Sustainable

Get a better night’s sleep with the comfort of natural materials. Sleep soundly knowing that you’re doing something good for the environment.

Cloud-like Comfort

Let us help you sleep like a baby again. We can make sure your new mattress has the ideal balance between pressure relief and great support.

Sleeps Cool

A mattress that’s cool and comfortable for all night. Designed by experts to sleep cool, breathable so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Free From Toxic Chemicals

Made without the use of VOC emitting foams and toxic fire-retardants that cause irritation.


Natural Latex Foam Mattresses for Allergy Sufferers



Fortunately, some mattresses do a better job of combatting allergens than others.

The Spinery’s Natural Latex mattresses provide a number of hypoallergenic advantages over their coil and plastic foam (memory foam) equivalents:

  • Antimicrobial Natural latex mattress materials are antimicrobial and resistant to growth of mold spores, fungus, and other allergens. Tests conducted by the reputed Morton Thiokol/Ventron laboratory in Massachusetts, USA in the late eighties led to the conclusion that bacteria and fungi brought in the vicinity of latex foam die off.
  • Density – Because our natural latex foam mattresses are made with high-density foam, there are fewer areas where dust mites can find a foothold. The unique density of natural latex foam also makes it incredibly durable. 
  • Cooling properties – While many foam mattresses such as memory foam is known for trapping heat, natural latex foam sleeps cool. This is due to its open-cell structure, the perforation throughout the mattress, and its temperature-neutral properties. When you’re cooler, you sweat less, which provides less moisture for dust mites and mold to latch onto. 
  • Latex foam core – The latex foam layer is hypoallergenic, serving as vital protection for your skin and sinuses alike.
  • Tencel Mattress cover – The Spinery Mattresses Tencel cover sleeps cooler than linen or cotton and is antimicrobial.


Discover our 100% natural mattresses at The Spinery if you’re looking for something to relieve allergy symptoms.



Risk Free 100 Night Sleep Trial


Our quality and customer service is second to none. Go ahead – Put our mattresses to the test for 100 nights. If you don’t LOVE your mattress, tell us and we will take it back and give you a full refund. With no questions asked!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Natural Latex Foam Antimicrobrial?

Natural latex mattress materials are antimicrobial and resistant to the growth of mold spores, fungus, and other allergens.

Tests conducted by the reputed Morton Thiokol/Ventron laboratory in Massachusetts, USA in the late eighties led to the conclusion that bacteria and fungi brought in the vicinity of latex foam die off.

Hypoallergenic beds made with natural latex foam have a high durability index which makes them long-lasting without losing their shape or comfort even after years of use.

Do Natural Latex Mattresses Cause Allergies?

When it comes to mattress cores, the key fact you have to keep in mind is that, according to the medical literature, not a single case of allergic reaction has ever been reported as a consequence of sleeping on a natural latex mattress*.

The latex allergy risk connected with mattress cores is negligible. During the manufacturing process the mattress core is washed thoroughly and then dried and vulcanised . This removes or denatures the proteins responsible for triggering any allergic reaction.

* HAVINGA, J.S., Head of the Rubber-Stichting’s Information Centre for Natural Rubber, Latex allergy and mattresses, Address at the fifth EBIA congress, Lisbon, 16 September 2004.

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