The Most Comfortable King

Mattress Ever.

The Most Comfortable King Size Mattress Ever.

Our King Mattress Isn’t Made From a Piece of Heaven, but It Does Feel Like It Is.

King mattresses is Ireland’s most popular mattress size. This is because king beds are great for two people or for those who want room to sleep. The Spinery’s Fitzwilliam King is slightly smaller than our super king mattress, but it delivers the same quality sleep as its larger cousin.

Our Fitzwilliam Mattress uses only quality materials.


Our King size mattress is crafted using the highest quality foams and fabrics. Our double size mattress is made from 100% natural and plant-based materials which means it’s safe for you and the environment.

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Who Should Get a King Size Mattress?


Perfect for Adults

The best standard-sized mattress – just the right size for someone looking to find the perfect bed.

Great For Couples

A king size mattress offers an ideal amount of space for two people

Perfect for a Master Bedroom

A double mattress will look right at home in a smaller room or guest bedroom – at least 2m by 2.3m.

Ideal For Most Standard Bedrooms

The Fitzwilliam king size bed is perfect for those who want enough room for great sleep and have a typical amount of floor space.

Intelligently Engineered Contouring by Our Team of Doctors Means ‘Just Right’ Support


We use perforations and multiple layers of distinct natural latex foam. This gently supports your body while cradling your weight; this relieves stress and pressure from your back.

Our design also means that you maintain perfect alignment through your night, allowing your body to recover in a tension-free position.

What Are the Dimension of a King Bed and Mattress?

Our standard king size mattress or bed is 150cm wide and 200cm long. If you are familiar with imperial dimensions, this equals 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. King size beds are longer than doubles, this makes them perfect for taller people who need extra legroom.

Best for: 2 persons and those taller than 190cm.

Some of Our King Mattress Reviews

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Sheila Walsh


Never realized how much of a difference that a decent mattress makes. My boyfriend who is engineer did tons of research and found this company in Dublin. I just let him at it and never gave it a second thought since he was the one with back issues and not me. I never gave much attention to the quality of sleep and how much it affects your entire life. I now have more energy and feel great all day long and people are telling me that I look younger. Happy days!


David McClelland 


Best purchase I ever made. Sleep like a baby now.
I also got the pillow. Never use anything but Latex again.

James Maguire


Very pleased with mattress. No unpleasant odors, it’s nice and firm but has a nice soft feeling to it. My sleep has improved exponentially ever since I replaced my old pocket spring coil mattress with one of these Spinery latex mattresses. Best purchase that I made all year!

Shop the Fitzwilliam King Mattress

Starting at 1,965

Woman using The Dream Pillow