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The Spinery is happy to announce that we now offer metal-free mattresses in Ireland. Our metal-free mattress is made from only natural materials such as a Natural Latex core and a Tencel mattress cover. It’s the perfect solution for those who want a metal-free bed without compromising on comfort and quality.

The Spinery’s Metal-Free Mattress in Ireland

woman sleeping on a metal free mattress

The metal-free mattress offered by The Spinery is a popular choice among those who suffer from metal sensitivities. Made with organic and natural materials, the mattress offers an allergy-friendly alternative to coil and hybrid mattresses. With no metal or metal springs inside of it, this environmentally friendly mattress is also safe for those with metal sensitivities.

No Graphine or Graphite

There are three ways most other latex mattress companies pass fire retardancy standards. One of the most common techniques is to mix graphene or graphite with foam.

The Spinery doesn’t add graphene or graphite to our latex mattresses. This means they are more comfortable as they contain no latex substitutes and contain no metals.

Our Mattress Contains No Chemical Fire Retardants

Another way metal-free mattress companies can meet fire retardancy standards is by adding chemical or synthetic flame retardants to the mix.

The Spinery goes above and beyond when it comes to meeting safety specifications, with our natural latex mattresses containing no toxic chemicals in the process of production.

People Who Want a Metal-Free Mattress Deserve Great Sleep Too

The Spinery’s Metal-Free Mattress is the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to metal. Our Latex mattresses are made from organic natural latex, which has been known to be highly durable and comfortable. It also provides exceptional support and pressure relief that will last for many years. You can rest easy knowing your purchase was designed by chiropractors to provide maximum comfort and support every night of your life!

This mattress is ideal if you want a high-quality luxury mattress that will last for many years without any issues or problems. With our 100-night trial, there’s no risk in trying out this amazing mattress tonight!

Try Our Metal Free Mattress First for 100 Days

Buying a mattress is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, but it’s also overwhelming. There are so many options and different terms to know that it can be hard to tell what is good, what you need, or whether or not you’re getting ripped off.

The best way to find out if a product works for you is by trying it yourself. That’s why we offer our 100 night trial on all of our mattresses. If your mattress isn’t perfect after 100 nights then simply return it for free and get your money back.

Our high-quality metal-free mattresses come with this amazing guarantee so there’s no risk involved when ordering from us. We also offer free shipping both ways within Ireland as well as an easy payment plan if needed so getting the best night’s sleep has never been easier!

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Back Discomfort

Perfect for anyone experiencing back discomfort, providing the much-needed comfort and support.


Pressure Points

Designed to avoid pressure points, this mattress ensures a comfort, reducing any undue stress on your body.


Incredible Comfort

For people who spend a significant amount of time sleeping, this mattress promotes healthier & comfortable rest.

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