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    Rethinking Posture In The Modern World


    Did you know that... we (as a society) are now heading towards an abyss with the exponential growth in prolonged sitting and overuse of modern technologies such as smart phones, computers, and media devices, which may be extremely detrimental to your overall health. Prolonged sitting and dependence on technology has consequences - over 10,000 publications (and counting!) link poor posture to dozens of chronic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression. What if you could wake up and turn this around? Good posture should be on par with proper dental hygiene! In light of the fact that sitting and technology is not going away, Doc Woods (who brings over twenty years of experience in this field) provides straight-up strategies on how to counter the long-term damage of poor posture in a way that strengthens your muscles and corrects your posture with ACE (Active Conscious Engagement). How cool is that? •Rethinking Posture in a Modern World is a wake-up call (for ages 1 to 100) and a must read for anyone who wants to reduce the long term effects of poor posture with simple advice for a lasting impact. •Easy steps are given as a guide to analyse and improve posture. •Explains how to engage primal movement patterns with common sense and easy to follow strategies while sitting, standing and exercising by actively transferring the stress off of your spine and joints and on to your core muscles so that you are ‘exercising’ all day. •A must for any parent concerned about their child’s posture and health.