Dream Pillow



Dream Pillow

How long does it take for you to fall asleep?

You spend 30% of your life sleeping. Isn’t it time that you get the right pillow?

A badly adjusted pillow can:

  • ruin your whole day
  • cause sore spots or damage your neck and back
  • creates a curve starting with your neck muscles and misaligns your spine
  • nerves in your spine located in the neck get compressed or pinched
  • may develop into a sciatica or hours-long headaches
  • can cause respiratory problems such as restricted air flow which can lead to snoring or sleep apnea

However, with a lot of research and testing, we may have discovered a pillow that may put this kind of problem in the past by the:

  • proper alignment of your spine to help support all of the tissues and muscles in your neck and to help you have a proper and refreshing sleep
  • made with a revolutionary latex foam that maintains the pillow in its original shape even with your head resting on it (and bends to fit it), while also keeping it cool
  • designed with a shoulder cradle and a facial cradle that provides comfort, decreases the appearance of wrinkles and protects the jaw and ears from unnecessary pressure
  • fabric is cream, bamboo velour, airy, granulated, delicate and plush, with a washable, mite and allergen proof