Rethinking Posture In The Modern World




Rethinking Posture in the Modern World is a wake-up call which provides straight-up strategies on how to counter the long-term damage of poor posture.

over 10,000 publications (and counting!) link poor posture to dozens of chronic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression, never mind the obvious chronic back pain. Lawrence explains the connection between extended sitting, poor posture and its detrimental role to our health. The book is pertinent to almost every age.

The book:

  • outlines a simple guide to analyse posture and correct it.  good posture should be on par with proper dental hygiene
  • explains how to adapt more primal movement patterns (those that we had when we were children) to strengthen and correct posture
  • encourages the use of ACE (Active Conscious Engagement) with easy-to-follow strategies while sitting, standing and exercising by actively transferring the stress off your spine, discs and joints to your core muscles, so that you will be ‘exercising’ all day

demonstrates how children should sit and carry backpacks without causing long-term degeneration of the spine.