PRICE: €15

Ciaran Coveney

"This seat cushion has been a game changer for me. It has greatly improved the pain I was having in my back and neck from sitting all day at my office. The design of it allows my back to relax and I actually feel my core muscles engaging. It feels like my muscles are actually ‘working out’ while I use it.  These results were instantaneous from the first day of use. "

Bernadette McShane

"I've tried many similar products that cost more and less. I was experiencing sciatic pain, especially while driving.  One of the reasons I've chosen this one was because the product was that after reading Dr. Wood’s blog, I felt that his knowledge of back related problems was unsurpassable. I felt like he cares a lot about how the product is designed and how it functions. I found exactly what I was looking for!"

Eileen Corr

"I have had very significant discomfort for the past 10 years when sitting due to an L5 disc herniation and was hopeful this cushion would help. When you live in chronic pain, you will try anything that might help.  I recently tried putting the cushion on a wooden chair (as per Dr. Woods blog advice) and my life has changed! This cushion really works! I can now watch TV, use the computer and over the past month it has made a massive difference."

Henry Romaine

"I've flown back and forth across the ocean a bunch of times in the last couple of months and I take Foundation with me. I take it home on the weekends too so I sit on it when I'm having dinner, I sit on it when I'm working at home then I bring it to the office and I sit on it in the office too! I really think it's been an indispensable part of changing my alignment when I sit and has helped me maintain better spinal alignment."