Extended sitting is playing a detrimental role to our health.

We (as a society) are now heading towards an abyss with our exponential modern-day sedentary lifestyle and the arrival of smartphones, computers and other media devices, which lead to the occurrence of a mind-body disconnection. As a result, over 10,000 publications link poor posture to dozens of chronic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression, never mind the obvious chronic back pain. Rethinking Posture In The Modern World outlines a simple guide for all ages to analyse posture and correct it.

Posture principles

Challenging our approaches to exercise and how we sit and move.


For all ages

A must-read for parents of younger children born into a modern lifestyle.


Active Conscious Engagement

Transferring stress off your spine, discs and joints to your core muscles.


A simple guide to...

  • Analyse and correct posture

    Countering the potential long-term damage
  • Adapt primal movements

    Like we used to have as children, in order to strengthen posture
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Extreme Yoga

"Wonderful book. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding how your body works and how your posture can make you feel better and live pain free. The author has an extremely exceptional talent of being able to write about a timely topic in an accessible way."

Dr. J. Zimmerman

"Posture issues? Health issues? You will be shocked to learn how these two topics go hand and hand. Today's society practically forces us into bad posture and ill health due to the cell phone and computer usage. I found this book to be very enlightening and extremely helpful."

Claire Scanlon

"So I finished the book last night, I was dying to get to the end. Whilst the title is about posture, I think the book gives people a completely fresh new perspective on how to manage their own health. The title is really good, but I think connecting back with the caveman or our ancestors is what this book is telling us. Are we rethinking posture, or have we just completely neglected it due to our obsession with screens?"

Amazon Customer

"A totally different perspective on posture, but exceptionally helpful and insightful. Dr. Lawrence Woods has an ability to help you look laterally at things that we usually only see from one perspective. I highly recommend anyone reading this work. It actually should be incorporated into our school system for children to learn early on in life."