The Foundation

The Foundation is a portable posture correcting device designed to exercise core muscles while sitting. Strengthens the core, reduces back pain, neck pain and improves posture.

  • We designed a posture correction device called The Foundation which is designed to make any seat ergonomic
  • Also, It is engineered to set your hips at a perfect angle and take the load off of your spine and on to your core muscles
  • With three distinct layers and a 3-d stretch covering, the Foundation maintains all-day support while also providing optimal comfort
  • Promotes Great Posture
  • Great for back pain and neck pain.
  • Restores Your Lumbar Curve
  • Engages Core Muscles And Transfers Stress From Spine Muscles
  • Aligns Ears Over Shoulders Reducing Forward Head Translation
  • The Foundation.  It’s that simple.

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