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Our children may soon become generation hunchback.

Generation Hunchback Are young people today becoming a Generation of hunchbacks? Some people say so. Tech is turning millennials into a generation of hunchbacks says 'The New York Post'  Studies are showing that many young people are in danger of getting terrible posture and becoming hunchback. This is due to constant looking down on gadgets (i.e.
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Exercise and Spinal Health

There are various reasons to exercise. Some do it to get leaner and lose weight, reduce stress, socialize, get out in nature, and others do it to have fun. When doing any exercises, here are some considerations: Exercise is most beneficial when done properly, consciously, and when all of the foundation muscles working together. For
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Study Finds that Bad Posture Contributes to Depression

Feeling depressed? Stand up straight, just like your mother told you. It may sound too easy, but new research shows that poor posture can increase depression, whereas healthy posture can lead to an improved mood. According to TIME Health, Researchers in a New Zealand demonstrated the effect of slumped or straightened posture on the hearts