Lawrence, as a practitioner, has observed a dramatic rate of spinal deterioration among the population at large in both children and adults. In fact, he now sees children in his practice who present with conditions that were previously only seen in adults. He attributes these problems to an increasing sedentary society and the overuse of technological devices.


A recent study indicates that a third of the population spends more than 10 hours a day seated. Another recent study showed that elementary students spend more than 7.5 hours per day on technology. The evidence keeps cascading and at this point there are over 10,000 publications presenting that sitting actively promotes chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression irrespective of other lifestyle habits, including an excellent exercise program.

Regognising that our new sedantry technological lifesytle is simply not going away. Devices and sitting are here to stay Lawrence decided to look at ways to actively adapt adapt rather than complacently break down. This complacent acclimating leads to adotping a dysfuncional movement pattern which results in a rapid breakdown of joints, muscles, spinal structure and even commincation throughout the body.

Lawrence deducted that by adopting more primal movement posture, stress would be moved from the spine and disc and transferred to the core muscles. These standing and sitting postures actively engage core muscles groups as well as placing the body in optimal posture, ears over shoulders over hips. It also means that the brain is more consciously connected to the body and essentially the body is exercising all day long.




Lawrence Woods is a doctor, author, and inventor. He was born and raised by his Irish parents in New Jersey. At a young age, his youngest brother was diagnosed with an illness that would result in him losing his brother. As a main carer for his brother, he witnessed a plethora of the latest treatments, therapies, and surgeries, but none of which would inevitably help him enough.
Guided by his younger brother, Lawrence set off on a thirty year journey through conventional and alternative care to study why people are healthy. His journey led him to the understanding of body mechanics and its relationship to maximising human awareness and potential. Lawrence believes that your body structure is an essential link to your health and yet all too often overlooked. He feels that by changing simple things, people are capable of freeing themselves from discomfort and attaining a more robust body than they ever imagined possible.
Rather than masking symptoms, he believes in getting to the root of the issue. The problem is frequently a movement pattern breakdown. Modern conveniences, technology, seats, cars etc. have all permitted us to adapt insidiously to our lifestyle, so Lawrence created a product that helps you re-adapt positively and take active steps in changing your movement patterns.



Sinead Moore received a PhD from Dublin City University in molecular biology. She began her career in the diagnostic medical industry and over the years Sinead and became more drawn in the direction towards the prevention of disease, rather than labels, diagnoses, and treatment of conditions or symptoms.
Sinead has worked with numerous doctors over the past two decades and run a centre in Dublin, Ireland that focuses on structural integrity, disc health, and strong foundation muscles retraining. She frequently lectures on spinal hygiene, proper posture techniques, and exercise. Sinead has also done extensive research in the field of sitting and the carrying of schoolbag biomechanics.
Sinead’s message is that you are not just the sum of your genes – your lifestyle plays the principal role in your well-being. She believes that simple objective changes in your life may have a huge impact on your health. Sinead has dedicated her life to empower people in reaching peak levels of health.