We’re design solutions for what people do most

Siting, Standing, Sleeping. Get those right, and you’re good.

At The Spinery, we don’t just sell solutions, we’re passionate about them. We want you to experience the benefits of our years of research and experience. All of our products are designed in and shipped from our Dublin factory. Our products are of the highest quality, made with natural materials and priced fairly.

The Fitzwilliam

Our Natural Latex Mattresses Range

The Dream Pillow

Designed for neck, shoulder, ear and jaw pain relief. Airway cut-out design for snoring relief.

The Foundation

Portable posture correction device. Strengthens core, reduces back pain, improves posture

Our Posture Book

A wake-up call which provides straight-up strategies on how to counter the long-term damage of poor posture.

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Good Posture = Better Focus


“Dr. Lawrence Woods has more than 20 years’ experience in the field and is on a mission to create awareness of how our sedentary society impacts on posture”

Reducing back and neck pain

National Startup Award Finalist 2019

Product & Manufacturing Startup

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