Our Goal: The Best Mattress For Back Pain Ever


Designed by a team of doctors who specialise in back pain

 Your Mattress Should Prevent Back Pain, Not Cause It.

With perfection in mind, our goal is to invent the world’s best mattress to aid in back pain prevention. We tested countless prototype combinations to create the ultimate comfortable balance of softness, coolness, and responsiveness.


Slide TENCEL® Cover

Our TENCEL® Cover is softer than silk, has more absorbency than cotton, and sleeps cooler than linen.

These premium features, along with thermo-regulation and moisture transport, offer the best night's sleep.
Support Layer

Foundational base layer that utilizes a researched ‘ideal firmness’ for back pain sufferers.

This support layer provides an ‘orthopedic’ base to maintain an optimal spinal alignment.
Corrective Layer

Targeted support layer(s) for sensitive areas to reduce pressure points that may cause pain.

Perforations in this layer(s) are designed to increase surface area for low back, hips, or shoulders to support body weight.
Comfort Layer

The Comfort Layer provides softness by an increasing the surface area ratio, giving you a feeling of ‘floating on a cloud’.

Additionally, this layer allows the mattress to conform to the curves of your body, reducing pressure points.

Wool offers additional support that back pain sufferers require.

Wool also keeps the cover comfortable and aerated due to its temperature regulating properties enabling a restful night’s sleep.
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TENCEL® Cover Support Layer Wool Comfort Layer Corrective Layer

The Fitzwilliam Mattress comes with





Chiropractor and Scientist Desiged.

The Fitzwilliam

With back pain in mind, our goal was to create the world’s best mattress for comfort. We designed this mattress to give you the ideal balance of pressure support, responsiveness, and a restful night’s sleep. 








The Spinery’s® Design Blend


The Spinery’s natural latex provides unparalleled support, thanks to our carefully thought out designed with back pain sufferers in mind.

Our natual latex instantly adapts for support without any pressure points and a cool airflow.



















Luxuriously Soft TENCEL® Cover

Plush breathable and springy cover allows you to sleep cool, without pressure points that may keep you up all night.

Our fabric has isotropic pressure relieving properties that provide a soothing unparalleled support plus thermo-regulation and moisture transport


Our Fitzwilliam mattress was designed by a chiropractor and is made from natural plant materials and provides medium-firm bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. Most importantly, Our Fitzwilliam mattresses provide comfort and support for a recharged and restful night’s sleep.


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