The Dream Pillow

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What makes ‘The Dream Pillow’ special?


All Natural Materials

Organic latex pillow and soft bamboo cover

Ergonomically designed

Thoughtfully engineered to align the spine and for ultimate comfort

Designed By Doctors

We used 50 years of combined experience and research to create what we believe is the perfect pillow

Latex Foam

Made from natural latex. One of the highest rated pillow materials.

Sets The Alignment For The Rest Of The Spine

✧ Provides room for head, shoulder, and neck,

✧ Unparalleled head and neck support,

✧ Allows for more comfortable sleep,

✧ Amazing for shoulder pain,

✧ Also, Removes neck tension.

Need support? 

Latex provides unparalleled support, thanks to a closely contoured fitting nature 

This is because of its large stretch ratio, incredible resiliency, and large surface area  

Need room to breathe?

Try the airway cutout!

More room to breath means more air at night.

People who snore tell us they love this!

Cutout for ear

Nobody likes waking up with sore ears.

Let us take care of it.

Also, it’s great for neck pain

How long does it take for you to fall asleep?

You spend 30% of your life sleeping. Now, isn’t it time that you get the right pillow?

With a lot of research and testing, we may have discovered a Natural Latex pillow that may make bad pillows a problem of the past:

Spinal Alignment Is Vital

Proper alignment of your spine to help support all of the tissues and muscles in your neck. Also, it helps you have a proper and refreshing sleep.

Furthermore, it is made with a natural latex foam that maintains the pillow in its original shape even with your head resting on it (and bends to fit it), in addition keeping it cool.

Ergonomically Designed

Designed with a shoulder cradle and a facial cradle that provides comfort decreases the appearance of wrinkles and protects the jaw and ears from unnecessary pressure.

Moreover, the pillow has been engineered as a therapeutic and corrective pillow that cradles the neck and promotes side sleeping.

Also, it is carefully designed for neck, shoulder, ear and jaw pain relief; also the cutaway promotes better breathing which may help address snoring.

It is a new, innovative Natural Latex design and will be a game changer for your sleep!

More About The Cover

The fabric is cream, bamboo velour, airy, granulated, delicate and plush, with a washable, mite and allergen proof. The Dream Pillow is an organic latex sleeping pillow with a design patent.