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The Fitzwilliam Mattress

Made of 100% Natural Latex Foam, Sheep's Wool and TENCEL®, this clean construction is the future of mattress design.

Thoughtfully designed by a team of doctors for restoring the healthiest version of you. The Fitzwilliam gently cradles the pressure points of your body, relieving aches and pains & promote deep sleep. Discover why science says latex foam mattresses are so great for your back.

No polyester, polyurethane foams, springs or toxic fire retardants are used.

20 reviews for The Fitzwilliam Mattress

  1. Peter Rowen

    Bought a mattress and a couple of pillows from the Spinery and we couldn’t be happier with them.. Best nights sleep we’ve had in years!

  2. Paula Flood

    I just love the Fitzwilliam mattress I bought at the Spinery. It has the amazing ability to be firm and soft at the same time. I feel somehow earthed and grounded in bed now and I sleep like a baby. Staff at the Spinery are really helpful and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend their natural latex products.

  3. Jacki van Leersum

    I suffer from arthritis and have had two hip replacements before the age of 62yrs. I recently bought the Fitzwilliam mattress and was very impressed both with the customer service and the quality of the mattress.

    I cannot bear memory foam as I am a hot sleeper, and decided that latex seemed to tick all the boxes, not least because of it’s longevity as compared with sprung mattresses. Sinead was very helpful and oversaw the whole order and delivery process. I initially found the mattress quite hard, but the latex foam seems to soften with your body heat and definitely provides excellent support.

    My acute episode of arthritis ‘flare’ has subsided, but whether this was due to timing or to using the mattress, only time will tell! Certainly I am sleeping far better and not waking miserable and sore! Now i am back to requiring an inbuilt ejector mechanism on timer!

    Thank you so much lads!

  4. Judith Lardner

    I have enjoyed many refreshing night’s sleep on the Fitzwilliam Mattress, to the point that I feel a bit reluctant to get out of bed in the morning.
    I find it a very cozy mattress. I had been regularly using an electric blanket but now I have had no need for one.
    It would have been helpful to have two people to move the mattress as this kind of latex foam can be unwieldy to move around. I found it easier to move a small double from room to room than I did moving this single mattress.
    Also, I found the staff very helpful and quick to address all my questions and concerns.

    Thank you

  5. Clare Greville

    This mattress is incredible. My husband’s main priority for a new mattress was the best support and comfort for his bad back whilst mine was for an ecofriendly mattress free of chemicals. This mattress has completely exceeded our expectations on both counts. We are both now enjoying the most comfortable nights of sleep and consider it the best purchase we’ve made with regard to our health and comfort. Highly recommend.

  6. Patrick Quinlan

    Having suffered a slipped disc I really needed to look at my day and night body posture & set up. I purchased the Fitzwilliam mattress and some pillows. After recently paying a chunk of money for a “good” mattress in a high street store I was loathe to go again but the “good” mattress just failed my expectations.

    The Fitzwilliam double mattress just blew me away, the fit was perfect from Day One and my partner took to it as well – we have never looked back. The mattress has both comfort and strength and makes it so easy both to get into bed and get up.

    I also sometimes take afternoon rests on the bed and the mattress has great support for those moments also.

  7. Aderval Mendonca

    Amazing mattress and pillow!! Best ones I’ve ever had, worth every cent. I and my wife wake up so restored, the pains/discomfort after sleeping are gone. I recommend it t anyone.

  8. Jacinta OMordha

    I now sleep like a baby. No more tossing and turning. I wake and now feel like I slept all night. Friends tell me that I look much younger too!

  9. Bernie & Declan O’Donovan

    We are delighted with our new mattress and pillows. I (Bernie) can’t believe how rested I feel each morning. For a long time I woke with a tired feeling in my back, within a week of using the mattress and pillow that feeling was gone. The combination of the mattress and the very comfortable pillow gives a most restful and satisfying sleep.

  10. Jack McCarthy

    I purchased the single bed soft natural/high density latex top during the summer period and I am a very happy customer. For many years I looked for something both comfortable but dense and would work for my hips and shoulders. I am so glad I found this product. I had some Turkish, Italian, Swiss visitors during the summer (all at different times!) who said that they also found the mattress comfortable and relaxing. My shoulder area tends to be the area where I get most pain and its a joy now to have this mattress when tense. My next purchase will be for my double bed. Thanks to Lawrence and Sinead for a great product that is long lasting but means I get quality zzzzs’ when I go to bed! Good night, sleep well!

  11. B.G.

    We bought one of these mattresses for my daughter who is studying abroad in Dublin this year. She was suffering with really bad low back pain to a point where she was thinking about returning home early. This mattress appears to have relieved her pain and fingers crossed she will get better, especially that she is sleeping the entire night without any issues. According to my daughter, this is the best mattress that she ever slept on. Costumer service was fantastic and delivery was seamless.

  12. Jonathan R.

    Feels like sleeping on a cloud. Recommended!

  13. Sean

    I’ve been sleeping on the Fitzwilliam for the last month and its everything I could have dreamed for. I would recommend anyone to get this mattress.

  14. e. ryan


  15. Sheila. Walsh

    Never realized how much of a difference that a decent mattress makes. My boyfriend who is engineer did tons of research and found this company in Dublin. I just let him at it and never gave it a second thought since he was the one with back issues and not me. I never gave much attention to the quality of sleep and how much it affects your entire life. I now have more energy and feel great all day long and people are telling me that I look younger. Happy days!

    • The Spinery

      Glad to hear that our mattress is making a difference in your life. Almost nobody equates a good night’s sleep with a youthful appearance. Thanks for pointing that out Sheila.

  16. ivan flynn

    Really happy with the mattress and pillows. The kids are sleeping much better too , and definitely have more energy in the morning !

    • The Spinery

      Thank you Ivan for your kind words. Love to hear that you have more energy!

  17. M. Roth

    Delighted with purchase. Recently exchanged my old latex mattess (14 years old) with this new one. Love this new technology and design. My new mattress is much firmer and breathes much better than my old one. Highly recommended.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you M. Roth for your comments. Greatly appreciate your comment on our design. We put a lot of time and energy into getting it right.

  18. David McClelland

    Best purchase I ever made. Sleep like a baby now.
    I also got pillow. Never use anything but Latex again

    • The Spinery

      Thanks David. We are delighted that your are enjoying your new mattress and pillow. Thank you for commenting.

  19. B. Francis

    Great mattress and exceptional price! Delighted to see that guys are now designing mattresses. I absolutely love your organic latex pillow design. Bought one at the RDS (because it looked like it would work) not realizing that it was the pillow of my dreams!

    • The Spinery

      Thank you for your great comment B. Francis.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you B Francis for your kind words. Much appreciated!

  20. James Maguire

    Very pleased with mattress. No unpleasant odors, it’s nice and firm but has a nice soft feeling to it. My sleep has improved exponentially ever since I replaced my old pocket spring coil mattress with one of these Spinery latex mattresses. Best purchase that I made all year!

    • The Spinery

      Thanks James for commenting and thank you for purchasing our Fitzwilliam mattress.

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The Dream Pillow

The contoured ergonomic design supports your head, neck, and shoulders for comforting therapeutic support.

Made from premium natural latex, we don't think there is a pillow with more thought and care on the planet.

20 reviews for The Dream Pillow

  1. James & Karin

    Absolutely fantastic pillow. It supports the neck and head nicely. When lying on your side it has the perfect height and since there is a designated area for your shoulder there is no longer the feeling of “where should I put this extra arm”. Trying the pillow is a must. It would be great to see a smaller travel version that fits into carry-on luggage, to get the same quality of sleep away from home.

  2. Noeleen Dolan

    Was having problems with my neck and my trainer in the gym recommend this pillow.
    He is also a physio therapist and had done work on my neck. Took me about 3 days to get use to the pillow and by god I’m so glad I stuck with it. My neck has never felt better 😊 since then iv went on to buy a further two pillows for family and friends.wish my whole bed was made out of this pillow love it.
    Thank you so much to Sinead for really looking after me couldn’t have asked for better service.The staff are top quality at this company bravo 👏

  3. Mick Murphy

    Have the dream pillow nearly a year now and I sleep so comfortably. Really good quality and well thought out design. Wouldn’t be without it now

  4. Liaido

  5. Ted H

    Pillow is great for sleeping on side
    Also found useful on reclining chair for naps

  6. Treise Fairman

    I love my pillow. I’ve had it over a year now and couldn’t do without it. I bought one for my husband aswell. Highly recommend it.

  7. Anonymous

    Really appreciate this pillow . It gives a lovely support for neck and shoulders . I sleep better and wake up with much less stiffness in neck and lower back .

  8. Janette MC govern

    Delighted with this pillow . Feels like your head and neck are being supported enabling a better nights sleep and dramatic reduction of morning neck stiffness. Would highly recommend.

  9. Janette MC govern

    Truly feels like your head and neck are being supported gently in an aligned position resulting in a good night’s sleep and waking without neck and lower back pain. Delighted with this purchase .

  10. Paula O’ Hanlon

    I purchased two pillows, initially I bought one for myself and then one for my sister for her birthday. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I suffer with neck and shoulder pain and there has been a massive improvement in both which I attribute to the pillow. Sincere thanks to Dr Woods for his genius innovation!

  11. Marian Kavanagh

    I find this pillow give great relief to my shoulders and neck. As an added bonus I find my head no longer gets too hot when I sleep. Great investment for a good night’s sleep. M Kavanagh

  12. Anonymous

  13. Megan

    The Dream pillow is wonderful. Its so comfortable to sleep on.

  14. Robin

    I’d been looking for years for a natural pillow that doesn’t cause neck or ear pain. I think this pillow is the one! Thanks Dr. Woods!

  15. Anonymous

  16. Kate

    Best pillow I’ve ever had! Would recommend it!

    • The Spinery

      Thanks Kate for you kind comment. We are delighted that you enjoy our pillow!

  17. D. O’Malley

    Over the moon with this pillow! Overheard people talking about it at work and wanted to try it out for myself. I’ve been suffering with shoulder pain for many years and this seems to be the ticket.

    • The Spinery

      Glad to hear that you are getting relief and thank you for taking time to write this comment D. O’Malley.

  18. John Shatwell

    Ended up buying two as Joan (partner) tried the 1st one and would not return it. Anyway we now both use them and find we get better nights sleep since using them.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you John and Joan for you comment. Happy dreams!

  19. B. Francis

    Love your pillow too! My partner no longer snores now, so I’m happy ?

  20. Jonathan R.

    I like the dream pillow for its comfort. Its gives me great support at the bottom for under the neck. I’ve never had anything like it. It’s much more supportive than my previous down pillow. Overall, along with my new Fitzwilliam mattress, I have a very comfy sleep system.

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The Foundation

The Foundation improves your posture so you can look good and feel great while sitting.

Designed by a chiropractor, it's an intelligent solution to increase comfort while holding you in the right position all day.

Our Foundation works by setting your hips at a perfect angle and then taking pressure off your spine to provide all-day comfort and alignment.

14 reviews for The Foundation

  1. Karin Brueckmann

    The foundation truly changed the way I sit. Slouching is something from the past – as soon as I sit down the core is instantly engaged. There is no more tired or achy back at the end of the day from sitting at the desk. It’s designed nicely and fits on all chairs – it goes most places I go. The only downside would be, the new way of sitting is so comfortable, that you will avoid sitting on anything else.

  2. Jer Ryan

    I’ve been trialling “The Foundation” for a couple of months now and at first I found the correction to my posture a little akward, however , very quickly I felt the benefits. I have found that the postural change seems also to improve focus and attention to the task in hand on my screen as well as preventing me from sitting in bad posture for long periods. This is one of those products you don’t want to be without once you have one. Recommend hightly.

  3. Annick Doza

    I use the foundation on my office chair daily. It is of great support for my lower back. My posture improved after the second week for sure. The foundation works well along with my awareness. It serves as an excellent “foundation” to sit straight, breath and take breaks from the desktop. 🙂

  4. Cliff Lebioda

    I use this all the time in work. I have suffered from a sciatica problem. This has been a great help for me. Great product..

  5. clifford Lebioda

    I have one for work. I’ve suffered from a sciatica problems, it really helps. . Gives me great support. Its very portable, great product…

  6. Ted H

    Foundation is at my desk and now part of the furniture. Makes a long day at desk more enjoyable.

  7. Tony

    The ‘foundation’ is great. I use it in the car most of the time and also transfer it to my office chair. The new sitting position feels much stronger and powerful. My back too feels stronger. I highly recommend the foundation whether you are looking to ease your back pain or prevent it through correct posture. Must get another one.

  8. Nicole

    I really like my new foundation. I use it on my office chair, I am tall, so I need to lower the seat to have my height aligned to the computer screen.
    I would recommend it, it helps my posture.

  9. John H

    I love my new foundation. I think I would have stayed a sceptic if I hadn’t experienced the shift in the spinery offices for myself. Straight away my posture was so much better and everything just felt stronger and more engaged. Now I have one in work, one at home and my daughter takes hers to school with her. I’ll continue to recommend the spinery to friends and family and anyone else who will listen! Great people too.

  10. James B

    I received the foundation three weeks ago. I use it in my office all the time and feel it makes a big difference to my work station posture. I also like the fact that it comfortable, neat and easy to carry with me to meetings within the company. The color also makes it discreet and blends in very well.

  11. Patrick

    I have been a long time sufferer with lower back pain and sciatica (I have a pro-lapsed / herniated disc at L5 S1) and my posture and lots of time working at a desk seems to be one of the causes of the problem. This cushion brings put you in a posture naturally and is much more comfortable than it looks! I use it predominantly while driving because, particularly long drives, caused me significant grief previously, but this has now been much improved! Very lightweight and easy to move around so it can be used anywhere with ease. One caution I would give is that, if you intend to use in your car, make sure and check your car seat clearance before purchasing, or try one out if you can (particularly if you’re about 5 foot 9 or above or if your car has a low ceiling). I have my car seat adjusted down to the floor and with the cushion in place I just about have enough clearance for my head while driving (so just make sure you have enough clearance). But otherwise, highly recommended!

  12. Niamh Gleeson

    Absolutely loving my foundation. I find it particularly useful for long car journeys. Gone are the days of dreading the drive for family day trips or journeys down the country. Its been a life saver for me or to be more exact a back saver!!

    • The Spinery

      Thanks Niamh for you kind words!

  13. Mark Magennis

    My job involves sitting in front of a screen for long hours which has caused me to have shoulder, back, hip and knee pain, which only seemed to get worse over time. I have tried various chairs, a ball and standing desk with some success but this simple device has given me the most relief. The moment I tried it, the new body position just felt right and this awareness means that if I fall back into a poor position then I feel uncomfortable and correct it. My aches and pains are gradually disappearing and this device has been a key part of the solution.

  14. Richie Smyth

    I have two sizes, one for regular chairs when I’m working at my desk and the other for my car. The first time I used it I instantly felt my core engage. It has made such a difference to the quality of time i spend sitting. And sorted out all my issues with my lower back. It’s such a simple idea, in one word – genius.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you Richie for you kind words. We, likewise, are big fans of your films!

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