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The Most Comfortable Super King Mattress in The World.

Our Super King Isn’t Made From a Piece of Heaven, but It Does Feel Like It Is.

The Super King is the King of mattresses. This is because doubles are just right for one to two people. The Spinery’s Fitzwilliam double is slightly smaller than our king and super king mattress, but it delivers the same quality sleep as its larger brothers and sisters.

Shows how the fitzwilliam natural latex mattress has multiple density's

Our Fitzwilliam Mattress uses only quality materials.


Our Super King size mattress is crafted using the highest quality foams and fabrics. Our Super King size mattress is made from 100% natural and plant-based materials which means it’s safe for you and the environment.

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Starting at 2,335

Woman using The Dream Pillow and The Fitzwilliam

Who Is a Super King Mattress Best For?

Best Mattress for Families With Small Children

A great fit for adults who enjoy a lot of room and families with children and pets.

Those Who Enjoy Lots of Space for Sleep

A Super King offers an ideal amount of space for great sleep


Great for a Master Bedroom

A super king mattress will is the best mattress for any large master bedroom. 

Ideal If You Have a Large Room

The Fitzwilliam Super King mattress is perfect for those who want room for great sleep and are not limited in floor space.

Intelligently Engineered Contouring by Our Team of Doctors Means ‘Just Right’ Support

We use perforations and multiple layers of distinct natural latex foam. This gently supports your body while cradling your weight; this relieves stress and pressure from your back.

Our design also means that you maintain perfect alignment through your night, allowing your body to recover in a tension-free position.

What Is the Dimension of a Super King Bed and Mattress?

Our Super King beds are 180cm wide and 200cm long. If you are familiar with imperial dimensions, this equals 6 feet in width and 6 feet 6 inches in length. Since its the most massive bed and mattress size available, this means an unbeatable amount of space for sleep.

Best Mattress For: If you value a lot of space or your family all like to squeeze in together on some nights, the super king is a perfect choice.

A visual representation of the different sizes available for the Fitzwilliam natural latex mattress with corresponding Dimensions.

Shop the Fitzwilliam King Mattress

Starting at 2,335

Woman using The Dream Pillow and The Fitzwilliam

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