The Fitzwilliam

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✧ Soft natural latex top

✧ High-density natural latex base

✧ Dual-density system

✧ Perforations for the shoulder and hip.

✧ High surface area for optimal spinal alignment

✧ Covers are made from TENCEL®

✧Long life-span



What Makes Our Natural Latex Mattress Special?

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Sectioned Support

Contour cuts for your shoulders and hips for deeper comfort and better alignment

Dual Layer Mattress Icon

2 Layers Of Premium Latex Foam

The perfect balance of support, breathability, comfort, and alignment


Natural Latex Mattress and TENSEL® cover stretch in 4D for unparalleled surface area

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Designed By Doctors

We used 50 years of combined experience and research to create what we believe is the perfect ergonomic and orthopedic mattress.

Fed up of overheating?

Don’t sweat it.

Natural Latex has tiny pores to let hot air circumvent — keeping you cool and comfortable.

High airflow = increased breathability

GIF of animated augmented gif of corner of fitzwilliam mattress with blue air bubbles rising
Top of natural latex mattress with bubble and wave texture and

Need support? 

Latex provides unparalleled support, thanks to a closely contoured fitting nature 

This is because of its large stretch ratio, incredible resiliency, and large surface area  

Heres why it’s great

Soft natural latex top

High-density natural latex base

Dual-density system provides amazing resiliency and support for a sensational night’s sleep.

✧ Ergonomically and orthopedically designed in Dublin, Ireland

Perforations for the shoulder and hip.

Increased surface area for optimal spinal alignment (This is what you need for back pain!)

Covers are made from TENCEL® which provides a 4-way stretch for increased surface area (This is what makes a mattress great!)·        

Long life-span: great quality latex can last up to 20 years.

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Single 90cm X 190cm, Double 120cm X 200cm, King 150cm X 200cm, Super King 180cm X 200cm

6 reviews for The Fitzwilliam

  1. James Maguire

    Very pleased with mattress. No unpleasant odors, it’s nice and firm but has a nice soft feeling to it. My sleep has improved exponentially ever since I replaced my old pocket spring coil mattress with one of these Spinery latex mattresses. Best purchase that I made all year!

    • The Spinery

      Thanks James for commenting and thank you for purchasing our Fitzwilliam mattress.

  2. B. Francis

    Great mattress and exceptional price! Delighted to see that guys are now designing mattresses. I absolutely love your organic latex pillow design. Bought one at the RDS (because it looked like it would work) not realizing that it was the pillow of my dreams!

    • The Spinery

      Thank you B Francis for your kind words. Much appreciated!

    • The Spinery

      Thank you for your great comment B. Francis.

  3. David McClelland

    Best purchase I ever made. Sleep like a baby now.
    I also got pillow. Never use anything but Latex again

    • The Spinery

      Thanks David. We are delighted that your are enjoying your new mattress and pillow. Thank you for commenting.

  4. M. Roth

    Delighted with purchase. Recently exchanged my old latex mattess (14 years old) with this new one. Love this new technology and design. My new mattress is much firmer and breathes much better than my old one. Highly recommended.

    • The Spinery

      Thank you M. Roth for your comments. Greatly appreciate your comment on our design. We put a lot of time and energy into getting it right.

  5. ivan flynn

    Really happy with the mattress and pillows. The kids are sleeping much better too , and definitely have more energy in the morning !

    • The Spinery

      Thank you Ivan for your kind words. Love to hear that you have more energy!

  6. Sheila. Walsh

    Never realized how much of a difference that a decent mattress makes. My boyfriend who is engineer did tons of research and found this company in Dublin. I just let him at it and never gave it a second thought since he was the one with back issues and not me. I never gave much attention to the quality of sleep and how much it affects your entire life. I now have more energy and feel great all day long and people are telling me that I look younger. Happy days!

    • The Spinery

      Glad to hear that our mattress is making a difference in your life. Almost nobody equates a good night’s sleep with a youthful appearance. Thanks for pointing that out Sheila.

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