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Ireland’s Eco-Friendly Mattress Company

Eco-Friendly Mattress That Is Free of Harmful Chemicals and Sustainably Sourced



Some conventional mattresses are made with toxic chemicals during their manufacturing process. However, at The Spinery, we are dedicated to creating our eco-friendly mattresses entirely from ingredients found in nature and then create them in a way that is safe for your health and the environment.










About Our Eco-Friendly Mattress

Our natural mattress is created with 100% Heava Milk from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. The process of collecting Heava Milk is similar to how maple syrup is collected. The sap is then combined with air and whipped into a nice frothy foam and formed to our specific specifications.

To make our double size latex mattress, it typically takes a whole day’s output of 12 acres of rubber trees. But don’t worry, our trees are not harmed in any way and last decades.

“We love natural latex not only because its safe to sleep on, as well its unparalleled comfort giving qualities which make it the best mattress material.” – Dr Sinead Moore


About Our TENCEL


At The Spinery, we take our claim of providing a genuinely eco-friendly mattress seriously. Among our other natural materials, we also use a TENCEL cover.

TENCEL is regarded as the gold standard for eco-friendliness and sustainability in the textile industry.

Tencel is softer than silk, has more absorbency than cotton, and sleeps cooler than linen. These premium features, along with thermo-regulation and moisture transport, offer the best night’s sleep.

The process for creating TENCEL has received the European Award for the Environment from the EU.

We Hope You Join Us on Our Mission


At The Spinery, it has been our goal to use only natural materials that also reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. This is why our high-quality natural mattress is produced with sustainable raw materials. We take pride in the fact that our luxurious beds are both safe for you and the planet.

Sleep well tonight with a high-quality, guilt-free new mattress.

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