The Spinery® Wooden Bed | Solid Hardwood Bed Frame | Heava Maple Wooden Beds

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The Spinery® Wood Bed Base

Why you’ll love it:

    • Solid Hardwood Design: Constructed with the finest Hevea Maple HardWood, this bed frame is the epitome of strength and sophistication.

    • Sleep with Spinal Care: Our bed is not just about comfort; it’s about promoting a healthier spine and better sleep quality.

    • Support to Rely On: Built to accommodate varying weights, it’s a bed for everyone.

    • Mattress’s Best Friend: Our sturdy slats ensure your bed remains sag-free and comfortable for longer.

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Pure Hardwood Construction: Crafted entirely from Hevea Maple HardWood, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting bed frame.

Optimal Back Support: Designed to provide excellent support to the spine, promoting better sleep and overall health.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Bed sourced from sustainable Hevea Maple, this bed frame is a nod to environmental responsibility.

Hygienic Sleep Environment: The wood’s innate properties resist bacteria, fungus, and mould, reducing allergens and ensuring a cleaner sleep space.

Assured Durability: Comes with a 5-year warranty, reflecting the manufacturer’s trust in its product’s longevity.

Robust Weight Support: Designed to bear substantial weight, accommodating a diverse range of users.

Stable Mattress Support: Features strong vertical bed slats that ensure even weight distribution and prevent mattress sagging.

Materials & Construction

Bedframe: Solid Hevea Brasiliensis Wood 

Slats: Pine Wood

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Natural Latex wood has anti-bacterial properties and is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungus and mold providing you with a cleaner and healthier sleep. Additionally, the bed is designed in a way to promote ventilation and increases mattress breathability helping you breathe easier through the night.


The Spinery bed frames consist 100% thick wooden slats vertically fitted for optimum support. The strong slats increases weight resistance making it the perfect bed frame for all mattress types.


Carefully placed airways and perforations along with the open-cell natural structure of Natural Latex result in superior airflow and ventilation. Natural Latex mattresses tend not to store heat and remain temperature-neutral while you sleep.


Our beds are crafted exclusively from the same trees tapped for sap in our mattresses. This practice aligns with our dedication to promoting a circular economy.


The Spinery bed frame is expertly designed and made from 100% Solid Wood, which gives it exceptional weight tolerance and durability, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting foundation for your mattress and a comfortable night’s sleep.



The Spinery bed frames are expertly crafted from 100% solid hardwood, ensuring their longevity. The use of natural Hevea maple solid wood makes them one of the finest choices for a long-lasting bed frame material. 


From Foamto Frame

The Spinery Hardwood Beds are made from sustainably harvested Hevea Maple trees, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. After tapping these trees for latex to make our latex foam mattress, we use the wood to build our durable frames.

Made from hardwood, The Spinery bed offer outstanding support, reflecting our dedication to quality and sustainability.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a foundation or box spring?

Does the bed frame come with a headboard?


Yes, The Spinery bed comes with a wooden headboard.

Is it Compatible The Spinery Mattresses


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The Spinery Wooden Beds

At our store, we pride ourselves on offering a solid wood bed that not only ensures a hygienic sleep environment but is also an eco-friendly choice. Crafted entirely from Hevea Maple HardWood, this bedroom essential is designed for optimal back support. While we offer a variety of wooden beds, our wood beds stand out for their durability and timeless elegance. We understand the importance of delivery page details, and for logistical reasons, we ensure timely delivery across specific counties cork and regions like cork kerry and kerry waterford. Our range also includes sofa beds, corner sofas, and sofas leather options. If you’re looking for a double bedframe or even a double bed, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to click on our buying guide for more insights. For those in ballymun, we have special offers, and we encourage customers to compare our products with others. We also offer a variety of tables, mattresses, and other furniture pieces.”

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The Spinery® Wooden Bed | Solid Hard Wood Bed Frame | Heava Maple Wooden Beds

Made with solid Heava Maple Wood & Pine slats for years of support and timeless elegance.

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