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Best Mattress for Sleep

Why is Spinal Alignment Important for Mattresses?














Sleep is the most important part of the day for the body to recover and refresh. However, people with back pain may find it difficult to get quality sleep due to an unsupported position that can lead to frustrating tossing and turning, uncomfortable sleep, and morning stiffness.

For those who suffer from back problems, a proper mattress can often bring significant relief and allow a deeper and regenerative sleep. Even if you don’t suffer from back pain, a mattress that promotes spinal alignment can help prevent back pain from starting in the first place. Common opinion has always been that if you have back problems, you want to find the firmest mattress possible. However, there’s no solid research to back this up!









How Can I Tell If I am Sleeping Well?


If you wake up and have some low back pain and have to move or stretch and get rid of it, the chances are that your mattress is not suitable for you.

On the other hand, a correct mattress is one on which you feel no pressure points, almost like you’re suspended in animation.

According to the Latest Thinking, There Are 4 Criteria to

Elevate Your Sleep:

1. Alignment

The spine needs to be aligned – Believe it or not, great posture is essential when you sleep. This allows your back muscles to relax and your cells to recover.

2. Proper Firmness

According to research, a medium-firm combination works best. Our mattress designs have firm bases with softer comfortable tops that works as a perfect blend.

Shows how the fitzwilliam natural latex mattress has multiple density's

3. Support zones

A poorly designed mattresses do not support your back, hips, or shoulders the way it needs to. Our mattresses provide areas like the shoulders and hips need some more give to keep your spine in alignment. 

4. Natural materials

Mattress materials should be sourced from nature. Our wool comes from sheep; our all-natural latex is tapped from the Heava Tree sap; our Tencel fabric is sourced from trees. All of our methods make certain that we can offer you a luxury, sustainable and eco-friendly new mattress purchase.

5. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

A mattress should be free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable. When you purchase one of our natural and non-toxic mattresses, you get the guarantee of a phenomenal night’s sleep as well as guilt-free disposal when the time comes many, possibly decades away!

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