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The Spinery® Ergonomic Seat Cushion | Seat Chair Wedge

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Why you’ll love it:


    • Takes pressure & tension off your back to provide all-day comfort and alignment.
    • Designed by Dr Lawrence Woods to improve your posture so you can look good and feel great while sitting.
    • Made with incredibly comfortable 100% natural latex foam & high-density foam core.

Perfect seat cushion for:


Looking for a way to improve your posture and reduce back pain? Look no further than The Spinery Ergonomic Seat Cushion! This patented innovative cushion designed by a chiropractor promotes great posture, restores your lumbar curve, and engages your core muscles. Plus, it's portable and easy to transport, so you can use it with every chair. Don't suffer from poor posture and back pain any longer – get yourself a Spinery Ergonomic Seat Cushion today!

  • Promotes Great Posture
  • Restores Your Lumbar Curve
  • Engages Core Muscles And Transfers Stress From Spine Muscles
  • Aligns Ears Over Shoulders Reducing Forward Head Translation
  • Portable And Easy To Transport
  • Makes Every Chair Ergonomic
How it Works

Do You:

  1. Sit too much?
  2. Spend to 5 hours a day on your phone or computer?
  3. Worry about how your posture will look and feel at 70?

Do You Think It Would Be Nice To:


  1. Strengthen and exercise your core muscles all day?
  2. Reduce Back Pain?
  3. Make an effortless change that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle?
  4. Have great posture into old age?


How Does The Foundation Improve Posture?

  • Over the past few decades, as a Chiropractor, I’ve witnessed a decadent trend in back pain primarily due to too much sitting.
  • What if you could make a simple change to improve posture and correct chronic pain? Would you do it?
  • We designed a correctional device called The Foundation which is intelligently designed to make any seat ergonomic
  • It is engineered to set your hips at a perfect angle and take the load off of your spine and onto your core muscles
  • The Spinery® Ergonomic Seat Cushion  maintains all-day support while also providing optimal comfort
  • The Spinery® Ergonomic Seat Cushion,  It’s that simple.
Materials & Construction
Core Construction:

Comfort Foam Layer: 100% Natural Latex Foam

Support Wedge Foam Layer: High-density Recycled Foam

Cover Construction:

Upper: Non-slip Black Vegan Leather

Side:  3D ventilated Mesh Fabric

Bottom: Non-slip Fabric

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Strengthen And Straighten

Irish Designed Ergonomic Seat Cushion


Turn Any Chair Into A Premium Office Chair


Coccyx & Tail Bone Relief

If you’re suffering from pain in your tailbone or coccyx, the natural latex comfort layer will help distribute your weight evenly, so there is no pressure point buildup, reducing pain and discomfort.


Pressure Relieving Design

With targeted pressure point relief, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud as well as feeling properly supported.


Wedge Support Layer

The high-density wedge support layer helps to correct your posture, while also comforting spinal discs by providing them with an angle that is precise and perfect for their needs.


Promotes Bloodflow

The wave design of the seat cushion is specially engineered to ensure that your blood flow isn’t restricted and lymphatic drainage is promoted.


Edge Support

The edge support ensures you are properly seated, with your weight distributed evenly across the seat cushion. You’ll never feel like you’re slipping or falling off!


Designed & Patented by a Chiropractor with ultimate comfort in mind.

This cushion will transform any chair into a premium office chair. With its ergonomic design, it will help improve your posture and reduce back pain.

You’ll be able to sit comfortably all day long, without having to worry about discomfort or pain.




What People Say About The Spinery® Ergonomic Seat Cushion


“I have two sizes, one for regular chairs when I’m working at my desk and the other for my car. The first time I used it I instantly felt my core engage. It has made such a difference to the quality of time i spend sitting. And sorted out all my issues with my lower back. It’s such a simple idea, in one word – genius.”

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Richie Smyth


“I received the foundation three weeks ago. I use it in my office all the time and feel it makes a big difference to my work station posture. I also like the fact that it comfortable, neat and easy to carry with me to meetings within the company. The color also makes it discreet and blends in very well.”

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James B


“Absolutely loving my foundation. I find it particularly useful for long car journeys. Gone are the days of dreading the drive for family day trips or journeys down the country. Its been a life saver for me or to be more exact a back saver!!”

* Review For a Previous Model

Niamh Gleeson


“I love my new foundation. I think I would have stayed a sceptic if I hadn’t experienced the shift in the spinery offices for myself. Straight away my posture was so much better and everything just felt stronger and more engaged. Now I have one in work, one at home and my daughter takes hers to school with her. I’ll continue to recommend the spinery to friends and family and anyone else who will listen! Great people too.”

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John H

Behind Our Story to Design a Seat Cushion For Better Posture


Successfully Funded Kickstarter

Foundation is a portable posture correcting device designed to exercise core muscles while sitting.


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