About The Spinery

Over the past 30 years we,as a society, we have have experienced a dramatic change towards a more sedentary lifestyle. This is mostly due to the advent of technology coupled with changing job demographics, ability to do more daily tasks online, smartphones, etc. Many of us, including children, are sitting and looking down for a large portion of the day.


There are now more than 10,000 published studies linking the rise of the sedentary lifestyle. This includes back and neck pain, heart disease, diabetes, depression and a range of other chronic health conditions. This is even for people who do a lot of exercise! Sitting has now been branded as the ‘new smoking’ for its public health risks, especially for people with sit-down office jobs.


At our health clinic, we are simultaneously witnessing an exponential increase in degenerative effects on the body. We are now seeing progressive injuries in both adults and children at radically early onsets, primarily due to prolonged sitting and lack of movement.

In response to what we have witnessed and our knowledge of the studies we have created a number of products that can help offer solutions to the emerging trends..


  1. We recently published ‘Rethinking Posture in the Modern World’. This is a book that is simply explains the dangers of prolonged sitting, why it impacts our health and simple things that can be done to help.   Our philosophy is an understanding that chairs and technology are not going away, so we must adapt better to our changing lifestyle.  We promote how simple changes in how we sit, stand and move can go a long way to avoid potential dangers of our modern inactive lifestyle .
  2. Through decades of research at our clinic, we have also designed and developed our first flagship product The Foundation. The Foundation is a patent pending device that was launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2017.  The Foundation is a light portable seating solution that can be added to any seat to promote good posture and strong core muscles. The Foundation is designed to place the pelvis in its ideal seated position allowing the spine to regain its natural curve. In this position, the stress is removed from the spine while simultaneously engages the core muscles. Proper posture developed while sitting retrains the foundation muscles and improves overall spinal health.

The Foundation comes in small, medium and large sizes. The small and medium Foundations are designed for children and serve a dual purpose. In addition to being used as a portable seating solution, it can also be used as a backpack attachment that can be inserted between the back and the bag with the effect of redistributing bag weight and thus improves posture and engages the core muscles while carrying a bag.


Foundations are engineered with three different density layers of high quality foam and a durable and washable cover.  The children’s Foundation also has rechargeable side panel safety lights for those who need to be seen while carrying a backpack.


Dr. Sinead Moore – Director

Sinead received a PhD from Dublin City University in Molecular Biology. She began her career in the medical diagnostic industry and over the years found herself migrating more towards the prevention of sickness and disease, rather than diagnostics and treatments.

Sinead has worked with various doctors over the past two decades and created a centre in Dublin, Ireland that focused on structural integrity, spinal disc health, and ways to retrain core muscles to create  a strong and balanced foundation.

Sinead frequently lectures on spinal hygiene and has conducted many studies on rethinking the biomechanics of children’s seating and children’s backpacks.

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