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Over the past 30 years we, as a society, have experienced a dramatic change towards a more sedentary lifestyle. This is mostly due to the advent of technology coupled with changing job demographics, ability to do more daily tasks online, smartphones, etc. We design products that are intelligently engineered for this new world.

Timeline of Dr. Lawrence Woods' business development from thinking and asking questions to launching of products.

Dr. Sinead Moore – Director

Sinead received a Ph.D. from Dublin City University in Molecular Biology. She began her career in the medical diagnostic industry and over the years found herself migrating more towards the prevention of sickness and disease, rather than diagnostics and treatments.

Sinead has worked with various doctors over the past two decades and created a center in Dublin, Ireland that focused on structural integrity, spinal disc health, and ways to retrain core muscles to create a strong and balanced foundation.

Sinead frequently lectures on spinal hygiene and has conducted many studies on rethinking the biomechanics of children’s seating and children’s backpacks.

Lawrence is a doctor, author, and inventor. He was born and raised by his Irish parents in New Jersey. At a young age, his youngest brother was diagnosed with an illness that would result in him losing his brother. As a main carer for his brother, he witnessed a plethora of the latest treatments, therapies, and surgeries, but none of which would inevitably help him enough.
Guided by his younger brother, Lawrence set off on a thirty year journey through conventional and alternative care to study why people are healthy.

His journey led him to the understanding of body mechanics and its relationship to maximizing human awareness and potential. Lawrence believes that your body structure is an essential link to your health and yet all too often overlooked. He feels that by changing simple things, people are capable of freeing themselves from discomfort and attaining a more robust body than they ever imagined possible.

Dr. Lawrence Woods

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