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Our Goal: To Design A Mattress for Athletes For Optimal Recovery

If you’re an athlete, you know the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why our Irish mattress company is perfect for you! Our mattresses are designed with athletes in mind. Plus, our mattresses are made of all-natural materials, so they are healthy and eco-friendly!

Athletes Need a Good Night’s Sleep to Perform Their Best

Our bodies are machines that need regular maintenance in order to function properly, but many traditional mattresses are not designed for athletes.

The Spinery Mattress is designed specifically for optimal recovery. The mattress is designed by experts Dr. Lawrence Woods, a chiropractor, and Ph.D. Molecular Biologist Dr. Sinead Moore.

Together with the help of other experts and 20 years as advisors to the mattress industry, they used their combined knowledge of how the human body functions and the best high-quality materials to provide the perfect level of support and comfort for athletes who need a good night’s sleep to perform their best.

How We Designed Our Mattress for Optimal Recovery

The Perfect Balance of Support and Pressure Relief

Athletes need a good night’s sleep in order to recover from strenuous workouts but traditional mattresses don’t promote muscle relaxation which prevents your body from deep recovery.

Most mattresses are not designed for people, like athletes, who value optimal sleep performance. They often don’t provide targeted support or target pressure relief. This leaves them feeling tired and sluggish during their next workout.

Most athletes settle for a mattress that is just “good enough.” They don’t realize that optimal sleep is crucial for peak performance, giving a significant competitive advantage to those who recognise the importance of sleep.

The Spinery Mattress was designed with muscle relaxation and spinal support in mind. It has the perfect balance of support in the zones where you need such as your hips and pressure relief in areas such as your shoulders. The Spinery mattresses expert informed design means that you can get optimal recovery while sleeping and in comfort. Plus, our mattress is made with cooling technology so you won’t overheat during the night.

Science-Based Design

The Spinery is Ireland’s first scientifically-designed mattress that provides optimal spinal alignment, pressure relief, and support. Our unique design was created by a chiropractor and scientist who wanted to create a better night’s sleep for everyone, especially high performers like athletes. We use all recent advancements in technology including gel memory foam, high-density base foam, pocketed coils, and more. We even have our own patented & height adjustable pillow! (If you are reading this and you are an athlete, let us know at [email protected] and we will include one free Spinery pillow with your mattress purchase)

Plus we have an amazing 100 day trial period so if it doesn’t work out for any reason just send it back! There are no hidden fees or charges – only free shipping both ways if needed! And lastly, we offer free delivery right to your doorstep averaging within 5 days of ordering online across all of Ireland.

No Toxic Chemicals, Toxic Fire Retardants or Memory Foams

Many mattresses today are constructed with toxic adhesives, which off-gas VOCs and then sprayed with undisclosed industrial fire retardant chemicals which are often known carcinogens.

The Spinery mattresses are made using 100% non-toxic, chemical-free, & plant-based materials including Natural latex and Tencel. We use only natural materials to create a healthy sleeping environment that will last for years. Our mattresses are also made with sustainable practices

All mattresses in Ireland must comply with fire-retardant regulations

All of our products have undergone fire retardancy tests and passed them without the use of any toxic chemicals or materials.

 A Good Mattress Is a Key to Getting Quality Sleep

So if you’re an athlete looking for a good night’s sleep, our Irish mattress company is the perfect choice for you! We offer a variety of mattresses that are designed with athletes in mind, and they are made of all-natural materials. Plus, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product. Click here to see our selection of mattresses and find the perfect one for you!

Try the Mattress First for 100 Days

Buying a mattress is one of the most difficult purchases you will make in your life. It’s hard to know what mattress is right for you, and once you do buy it, returning or changing it can be a pain.

We offer a 100-night sleep trial on our mattresses. If for any reason at all during those 100 nights that you don’t love your new bed, simply return it to us and we’ll give you back every penny. No questions asked! You have nothing to lose but great sleep!

Our high-quality mattresses come with this amazing guarantee so there’s no risk involved when ordering from us. We also offer free shipping both ways within Ireland as well as an easy payment plan if needed so getting the best night’s sleep has never been easier!

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