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Our Goal: A Comfortable & Supportive Mattress for Heavy People

If you are a heavy person, finding a mattress that is both comfortable, supportive, and durable can be a real challenge. Most mattresses are not designed to support someone who weighs more than average, and they tend to wear out much faster. That’s why The Spinery mattress is such a great choice for anyone who falls into this category.

Our mattress is made from natural latex, which has a high density and resilience. This means it doesn’t compress under pressure, making it the perfect choice for people who need extra support.

Additionally, our mattress is much more durable than regular polyurethane and spring mattresses, meaning it will last significantly longer than other mattress types. Heavy people will love the support and comfort they get from our mattress designed in Ireland!


Supportive without sagging or becoming uncomfortable over time

We designed our mattress to provide the perfect level of support for those who weigh more than average. It will never sag or become uncomfortable over time, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a good night’s sleep for years to come.

This is achieved by using high-density latex foam. This material is extremely resilient, meaning it won’t compress under pressure. Instead, they push back, providing more support ensuring you don’t feel like your mattress is collapsing.

Furthermore, its high density and resiliency mean that our mattresses are incredibly durable. They will last significantly longer than other mattress types, making them a wise investment for those who are looking for comfort and durability.


Cool and breathable, to avoid sweating and overheating during sleep

Cooling Tencel Mattress Cover

Our mattress is also breathable, which helps to regulate your body temperature during sleep. This is important for people who tend to sweat or overheat during the night.

The mattress cover is made from a material called Tencel, which is derived from wood pulp. It’s extremely soft and has excellent moisture-wicking properties, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Natural Latex Foam Breathable Properties

Our Latex mattress is also naturally cooling. This means that you will not overheat during sleep, and you will avoid the discomfort associated with sweating. This is due to its open cell structure and perforations. Combined they both all hot air and moisture to escape as well as creating a vacuum effect when you move, stimulating airflow.


No Memory Foams That Trap Heat and Become Uncomfortable

We use no memory foam in our mattresses. Memory foams are known to trap heat and become uncomfortable. This is because memory foam collapses and over contours to your body. This creates a ‘heat sink’ effect, where your body heat is retained and you become uncomfortably warm.

Our natural latex mattress conforms to your body, reducing pressure points while not overly conforming, trapping heat.


Zoned Mattress Support & Densities

Our mattress was designed by a chiropractor for people who need great support.Our mattress has 7 different support zones, which are designed to support your body in the correct alignment. This prevents pain and discomfort by ensuring that your spine is properly supported.

This provides the perfect level of support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.


Heavy People Deserve Great Sleep As Well

The Spinery Mattress was designed by doctors in Ireland to be an incredibly supportive, comfortable, and durable mattress for people people who need it. It’s made from high-quality materials, so it will last longer than other mattresses on the market today.

With our 100 night trial period, you have plenty of time to try out this amazing mattress and see how much better it makes your life. If you don’t love it after 100 nights, we’ll give you all your money back with no questions asked – just send us an email. We know once you experience The Spinery Mattress yourself, there won’t be any going back!

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