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Double Bed - Size GuideChiropractor's Guide(2024)

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Can Double Bed Fit or Sleep Two? | Mattress Designer Explains


As a chiropractor and mattress designer, I often receive questions about whether a double bed can comfortably sleep two people. When it comes to choosing the perfect bed for you and your partner, there are several factors to consider, including the bed’s size, mattress design, and individual sleeping preferences. In this article, I will explore the dimensions and features of a double bed and offer advice to help you make an informed decision.

A double bed can generally fit two average-sized adults, measuring about 54 inches (135 cm) wide and 75 inches (190 cm) long. For more comfort and personal space, consider a larger bed like a king size or super king. Take into account the room’s dimensions and occupants’ preferences when choosing a bed size.

The Standard Double Bed Size


A standard double bed, also known as a full-size bed, measures approximately 137 cm wide and 191 cm long. This bed size is a popular choice for single sleepers who want more space than a single bed can offer. However, for couples, it’s important to evaluate whether a double bed provides enough space for both individuals to sleep comfortably.

Factors to Consider

When deciding if a double bed is suitable for two sleepers, consider your individual needs, such as the amount of personal space you require, your preferred sleeping positions, and your respective body sizes. These factors can significantly impact your sleep quality and overall satisfaction with your bed.

Sleeping Comfortably on a Double Bed

Space Requirements

On a double bed, each sleeper gets approximately 68.5 cm of personal space, which is notably less than the 96.5 cm provided by a single bed. This limited space may be adequate for some couples but may prove too restrictive for others, especially if one or both partners are larger or tend to move around during sleep.

Sleeping Positions

Your preferred sleeping positions also play a role in determining whether a double bed is suitable for two people. Couples who prefer to sleep closely or cuddle throughout the night may find a double bed suitable. However, those who require more personal space or sleep in positions that take up more room, like starfishing, may feel cramped on a double bed.

The Role of Mattress Design

Types of Mattresses

The type of mattress used on a double bed can greatly influence its suitability for two sleepers. Mattresses come in various designs and materials, such as innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Chiropractic Considerations

As a chiropractor, I believe that the ideal mattress for couples should provide proper spinal alignment, adequate support, and pressure relief to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep. A mattress that’s too soft or too firm may lead to discomfort and sleep disruptions for one or both partners, potentially exacerbating existing back, neck, or joint issues.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Two Sleepers

Individual Sleep Needs

Every person has unique sleep needs, which can make it challenging to find a mattress that suits both partners. When selecting a mattress for a double bed, consider factors such as body weight, sleep position, and temperature preferences to ensure both partners can sleep comfortably.

Motion Transfer

Another essential aspect to consider when choosing a mattress for two people is motion transfer – the degree to which movement on one side of the bed affects the other side. A mattress with minimal motion transfer can help ensure that both partners can sleep undisturbed, even if one tends to toss and turn throughout the night.

Alternatives to a Double Bed for Couples

Queen Size Bed

If you find that a double bed is too small for your needs, a UK & Ireland equivalent king size bed may be a more suitable option. Measuring 152 cm wide and 198 cm long, a king bed provides each sleeper with approximately 76 cm of personal space, which can significantly improve sleep quality and comfort for couples.

King Size Bed

For those who desire even more space, a UK & Ireland equivalent super king size bed may be the perfect solution. A standard super king measures 183 cm wide and 198 cm long, offering ample space for both partners to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped.

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Additional Tips for Sharing a Bed

Appropriate Bedding

Selecting the right bedding can also contribute to a more comfortable sleeping environment. Consider using separate blankets or a larger duvet that allows both partners enough coverage without fighting over the covers during the night.

Maximizing Sleep Quality

To further improve sleep quality when sharing a bed, try to establish a consistent sleep schedule, maintain a comfortable bedroom temperature, and minimize noise and light disruptions. These simple steps can make a significant difference in the overall sleep experience for both partners.


A double bed can indeed fit and sleep two people; however, its suitability depends on the individual needs and preferences of each partner. As a chiropractor and mattress designer, I recommend considering factors such as bed size, mattress design, and personal sleep requirements when deciding whether a double bed is the right choice for you and your partner. If you find that a double bed is too small, consider upgrading to a UK & Ireland king or super king size bed for improved comfort and space.


  1. Is a double bed suitable for all couples? A double bed may be suitable for some couples, but not for all. Factors such as personal space requirements, preferred sleeping positions, and body size will determine whether a double bed is comfortable for both partners.
  2. What type of mattress is best for a double bed for couples? The ideal mattress for couples depends on individual needs and preferences, including body weight, sleep position, and temperature preferences. It’s essential to find a mattress that provides proper spinal alignment, support, and pressure relief.
  3. How does motion transfer affect sleep quality for couples? Motion transfer can disrupt sleep when one partner’s movement affects the other side of the bed. Choosing a mattress with minimal motion transfer can help ensure both partners sleep undisturbed.
  4. What are the alternatives to a double bed for couples? Couples looking for more space may consider a UK & Ireland king or super king size bed, which provide more personal space and are generally more comfortable for sharing.
  5. How can I improve sleep quality when sharing a bed? To improve sleep quality when sharing a bed, establish a consistent sleep schedule, maintain a comfortable bedroom temperature, minimize noise and light disruptions, and choose appropriate bedding to ensure both partners have enough coverage. These simple steps can significantly enhance the overall sleep experience for both individuals.
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