Foundation – Adult Size


Large Foundation – Makes every adult’s seat  ergonomic

  • We designed a correctional device called The Foundation which is intelligently designed to make any seat ergonomic
  • It is engineered to set your hips at a perfect angle and take the load off of your spine and on to your core muscles
  • With 3 distinct layers and a 3 dimensional stretch covering, the Foundation maintains an all-day support while also providing optimal comfort
  • The Foundation.  It’s that simple.
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The Foundation

a portable posture

correcting device

designed to exercise core

muscles while sitting


Promotes great posture

Good posture reduces back and neck pain

Used by anyone from 4 to 94

Healthy back = better attention


Do You:

  1. Sit too much?
  2. Spend to much time on your phone or computer?
  3. Worry about your children’s health due to being on technology too long?

Do You Think It Would Be Nice To:

  1. Strengthen your core muscles all day?
  2. Reduce Back Pain?
  3. Make an effortless change that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle?
  4. Have great posture into old age?

How Does It Work To Improve Posture?

The Foundation
  • Promotes Great Posture 
  • Restores Your Lumbar Curve 
  • Engages Core Muscles And Transfers Stress From Spine Muscles 
  • Aligns Ears Over Shoulders Reducing Forward Head Translation 
  • Portable And Easy To Transport Helping To Make Every Chair Ergonomic

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