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How To Choose Your Mattress Thickness | Mattress Depth & Thick Explained

How To Choose Your Mattress Thickness | Mattress Depth & Thick Explained

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What Mattress Thickness Should You Buy?

When you shop for mattresses, you may see a variety of mattress thicknesses from most brands. The same is true for The Spinery. We have one mattress model with two different thickness.

Mattress Thickness FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about mattress thickness by shoppers.

Do you want your bed high or low?

Typically, most people choose to have about 60 centimetres of space between the top of their Mattress and the floor. Being around 60 centimeters high allows you to sit comfortably on the side of your bed with your feet flat on the floor. Taller people generally prefer beds that are higher, while smaller people prefer beds that are closer to the floor. A short person’s preferences should always be taken into consideration when you are searching for a mattress for a couple.

You are now able to select the mattress and the bed frame that matches the desired bed height and thickness after you have chosen the mattress. It is also essential to remember that mattress thickness is related to mattress density and firmness. A general rule of thumb is that softer mattresses will, on average, be thicker, while firmer mattresses will be thinner. It is the opposite of an air mattress since the pressure in the air chambers leads to both an increase in height and an increase in firmness.


How Do You Measure the Thickness of Your Mattress?

To be more accurate, use a ruler to measure from the bottom of the mattress to the very top of the mattress, which is in some cases higher than the top seam. If you have pillow-top mattresses, you can lay a yardstick along the edge, putting the end up, so as to level it with the crown. To measure the height of your bed, measure from the mattress’s base with a measuring stick.

If you have a foundation or box spring, you can measure the height of that when determining the overall bed height. You’ll need to adjust the foundation of your bed if you buy a thicker mattress than the one you have and want the same overall height as your current Mattress.


How thick is an average mattress?

20-25 centimetres is the average thickness of mattresses that are not hybrids. Hybrid mattresses typically have a mattress thickness of 25-30 inches. Mattresses at The Spinery are considered to be of average thickness.

A mattress’ average thickness is also specific to its type. Mattresses made for children, such as the futon mattress and daybed mattresses, are thinner than your average bed mattress. Inflatable guest beds are typically designed to sit directly on the floor and come close to the floor’s standard height, which makes them exceptionally thick compared to regular bed mattresses.


How many high is a standard mattress? 

It can be challenging to gauge the height of a standard mattress because it depends on who you ask. Mattresses typically measure 20-30 centimetres in thickness on average. 20 centimeters and under are considered slim, less than 15 centimetres is extremely low. Mattresses 25 to 30 centimeters high are considered thick, and those over 30 centimetres are considered very thick.

Mattress Thickness Rating


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A mattress is more than just its thickness. However, the horizontal dimensions or mattress size almost are always standardized unless custom made for you. For example, a Super King Mattress is always 180 cm wide by 200 cm long, and cannot change even if the mattress thickness can change depending on the specific model.. 


How Thick Does My Mattress Need to Be?

A mattress must be thick enough to support your weight in order to be both supportive and pressure relieving at the same time. Mattresses that are entirely made of foam with a high-density base can be thinner. Mattresses with hybrid coils typically have a thicker design to accommodate their coils.


What Is a Suitable Mattress Thickness? 

How thick your Mattress should depend on your specific needs and what type of Mattress you buy. The perfect mattress thickness will achieve the perfect balance of comfort and support that is best for you. Most people find mattresses over 30 cm thick to be overwhelmingly high.

Another thing to consider is durability. The rule of thumb is that thicker mattresses last longer because the pressure is spread among more components. It is also recommended that you use a mattress protector so that your Mattress will last longer.




Mattress Thickness Guide

The term “mattress thickness” means the same thing as saying “mattress height” and “mattress depth.” 


Mattresses only make up a small part of your bed’s height unless they are directly on the floor. In simple terms, this is the size of a mattress from top to bottom.


The thickness of a mattress differs from the mattress’s size. Mattress sizes are given in terms of the horizontal dimensions, which are: width and length. There are different mattress thicknesses based on the model. There are some mattresses that have the same thickness, regardless of whether it is a single size, or super king size Mattress.


When choosing your next mattress, you ought to take the thickness into account. The Spinery, you can find the right mattress thickness for you if you want a great night’s sleep with a quality mattress.

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