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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Typically, side sleepers favour mattresses that are softer because softer mattresses tends to cushion the shoulders and hips better, which is necessitated for proper alignment.

But, larger people who sleep on their sides may favor a firmer mattress that won’t sink too much into the mattress.

The type of construction of a mattress for side sleeping is also essential,

as some mattress types render more surface area elasticity and better support than others.

So, what is the most suitable mattress for side sleepers? It’s a complex question since it mainly depends on your body weight and your comfort preference.

Whether you’re simply on a budget or understand the importance of upgraded mattress and want to maximize your sleep,

I will give you some great tips on what type of mattress to look for if you are a side sleeper. 



Tips For Finding a Mattress For Side Sleepers.


All of my tips are based on scientific research, verified customer reviews, my personal opinion based on 30 years of clinical experience, as well as exhaustive product analysis and research.

You need to learn about significant concerns for side sleepers and get your all of your mattress questions answered before you make your investment in your sleeping solution.

The following are criteria that I found for the ultimate side-sleeping experience must be included:

Best Mattress Firmness For Side Sleepers:

Your mattress must provide comfortable body-conforming, pain and pressure relief, and enhanced spinal alignment.

Science tells us that a medium-firm mattress is optimal for side sleepers to achieve a balance of cushioning and support.

Typically a range of 60 to 110kg would work for a high-quality mattress.

Outside that range, one would have to adjust the firmness to obtain proper spinal alignment.

 Best Mattress Design For Side Sleepers: 

Should my side-sleeping mattress be constructed with memory foam, polyurethane, spring coils, natural latex, or combinations of items?

Let’s break this down for you so that you will make the right choice.

Are Memory foam mattresses good for side sleeper?

Memory foam can sleep be hot.

Especially if you buy a low-quality memory foam mattress, you may notice your heat is not drawn away but instead stays near the top.

It can take a while to adjust to the ‘sinking feeling’ of being ‘trapped’ in memory foam.

Memory foam is a petroleum-based material which may have many toxic chemicals, including fire retardants.

I found that memory foam doesn’t offer much resiliency which I believe to be essential for avoiding or even intensifying back pain for side sleepers.

Springs or Coils mattresses for side sleeping: 

You may not get the advantage of contouring with spring models. If you have to choose between a foam vs. spring mattress,

foam mattresses will conform better to your body because due to the essence of spring mattresses,

they don’t allow the materials to contour to your body the same way.

Another problem with spring mattresses is that they will probably need replacement sooner than foam mattresses.

The reason for this is due to the fact that if you are a side sleeper ,certain points of your body, like your shoulders and (including hips and shoulders) will put more pressure on the mattress,

an innerspring or pocketed spring mattress will droop in some areas over time. 


About Dr Sinead Moore

My goal is to create 100% natural  mattresses and pillows with extraordinary comfort.

With 30 years of spinal healthcare experience, I learned that many peoples problems are avoidable with expert design.


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