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Is The Nervous System Disrupted by Poor Posture?

Is your nervous system being disrupted by poor posture?

The primary protectors of your central nervous system are the skull, twenty four vertebrae and the pelvis. In between each of these spinal segments is a pair of spinal nerves that bring messages from the brain to each part of the body. Different segments are responsible for the sending of messages to different parts of the body. The general rule of thumb is that the higher parts communicate with the upper portion of the body, while the lower parts communicate with the lower portion of the body.

The way the body works is complex yet simple. A message begins in the brain, travels down the spinal cord to a specific spinal nerve, which then begins a particular action within. Then, when the process is complete, a message travels back through that nerve, up the spinal cord and into the brain, and communicates whether or not that action was successfull.

So, what are the consequences of bad posture on the nervous system?

The simple analogy of the safety pin may help you internalize the relationship between the spine and overall health. When the body is functioning correctly, there is back and forth communication between the brain and every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Just like a closed safety pin, both paths are uninterrupted. Problems arise for the nervous system when there is a disruption in either of these communication paths. In this case, the safety pin is open, and the body slips into a state of disease, where it is no longer working properly.



We have a number of potential solutions that are specially designed to deal with the symptoms of this problem.

  • The Foundation – A portable posture correction device designed to exercise core muscles while sitting.
  • Reboot – Scientists say it is actually a non-exercise movement, the mere change in posture every 15 minutes or so, is a major influence in avoiding these chronic problems. So, the solution is simple: REBOOT! We, at The Spinery, invented a fun reminder that makes you do just that.
  • The Fitzwilliam – The Fitzwilliam Natural Latex Mattress Ergonomically and orthopedically designed in Dublin, Ireland to give you amazing support and a great nights sleep.
  • The Dream Pillow – “Not your grandfather’s pillow. The most innovative and comfortable pillow we’ve ever seen”
    • With its incredibly supportive and unique shape, there are simply no other pillows with this level of design, innovation, and craftsmanship. We tried to make the pillow out there to get a great night’s sleep.
  • Our book – Rethinking Posture in the Modern World
    • Outlines a simple guide to analyze posture and correct it.  Good posture should be equal with brushing your teeth.
    • Explains how to adapt more primal movement patterns to strengthen and correct posture.
    • Encourages the use of ACE (Active Conscious Engagement) with easy-to-follow strategies while sitting, standing and exercising. This is by actively transferring the stress off your spine, discs, and joints to your core muscles so that you will be ‘exercising’ all day.

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– Lawrence Woods

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